Is division of labor a system of manufacturing and of granting economic rights and privileges to a given geographic area?

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Division of labour refers to breaking up the production process into a series of repetitive tasks. Each done by a different worker.
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What are the division of economics?

The two divisions of econmics are 1. microeconomics: the study of behaivior of single individuals 2. macroeconomics: the study of behaivior of large groups ofcompanies.

What is an Economic Geographer?

Answer . They are people who study the location, distribution, and spatial organization of economic activities across the Earth.

What is the difference between a right and a privilege?

You do not have to ask to exercise a Right. You do have to ask to exercise a privilege. You have a Right to eat. You do not have a Right to eat my food. You have to barter (free market) or I can give it to you (charity) A Right cannot violate the Rights of another. My food is my property. When I giv ( Full Answer )

What is the division of labor?

Division of labour is the breaking down of production process into a number of separate operations.

Why was William Penn given the Charter of Privileges?

In 1701, William Penn created a Charter of Privileges for the residents of his colony. Pennenvisioned a colony that permitted religious freedom, the consentand participation of the governed, as well as other laws pertainingto property rights. The Charter of Privileges recognized theauthority of th ( Full Answer )

What is labor economics?

Labour economics seeks to understand the functioning of the market and dynamics for labour . Labour markets function through the interaction of workers and employers. Labour economics looks at the suppliers of labour services (workers), the demanders of labour services (employers), and attempt ( Full Answer )

Is it a right or a privilege to have a job?

If it was a right then your country's government would have to make a job for you. Therefore in the terms you phrase your question having a job would be regarded as a privilege. My concern is that in some places in the world people HAVE to work or starve (there is no unemployment benefit) and in the ( Full Answer )

Is sex a gift a privilege or a right?

Answer. Sex is NEVER a right. Sex is a given but not a gift. If someone cares to share their body with you then be glad you are the one he or she decided to share with, but don't ever think that sex is a right. It's not.

Is education a privilege or a right?

Education is a privilege. Some people don't want to get an education. Some parents don't care whether their kids should go to school or not. You don't exactly have to go to school. You need all the education you can get. But only one person can determine if you're going to school to get an education ( Full Answer )

What is labor in economics?

Labor is work done for wages. Labor economics is the study of theeconomics surrounding labor. Researchers may study what choicesaffect the decisions concerning labor.

What is division in labor?

dvision of labor is something you share with someone. i don't know if it's correct. check the dictionary!

Is life a right or a privilege?

Life is a Right!!! Something that one is born with and will die with. Noone has any authrity to take away that right including oneself, since comitting suicide is also illegal.

Is health care a right or privilege?

It should be a right. looking at it from a medical stand point because we are pack animals and to stop the spread to others it has to be a right for all

What privileges were granted to crusaders?

The pope backed whatever land claims they made on formerly muslim land, counted each crusader who died in battle as a holy martyr destined to glory, and often threw in indulgences to allow them to enjoy drinking fornication and other fun things on earth

Is education a right or privilege?

It should be a right but it can be a privilege for the poor ones . But , I would suggest that it would be good if they take it as a real right .

Should schooling be a right or privilege?

Yes school should be a privilege because so many people drop out of school and don't realize how important high school let alone college is>

Is education a right or a privilege?

Education should be a privilege, just like owning a library card. It CAN be taken if you screw up (just ask my brother) __________________________________ I disagree. I think all people have a right to an education, but many throw it away. George Washington stated that in order for a democracy t ( Full Answer )

Is health care a privilege or a right?

If you live in America the answer is no. Health Care is not a constitutional right. If you live in Canada however the answer is yes but be prepared to pay hefty taxes to live there.

Is driving a privilege or a right?

first off i cant see how anyone could say or think for a minute that driving is a privilege it would be if someone gave me a car and paid for my gas,maintenance,tires,insurance and registration that i could see being a privilege.

What rights and economic considerations were granted to Native Americans?

This depends on what period of history you are talking about, and what was promised versus was was actually done. When the United States was founded, Indians were given specific rights in the US Constitution; IE: No Taxes, that treaties with us were considered part of the US Constitution (article ( Full Answer )

Why jammu and kasmir given special privilege?

After India Got freedom from British colonialism, Unfortunately India was splitted in to Pakistan and India. On that time Kashmir was not a part of India or Pakistan. When Pakistan tried to Acquire Kashmir, The King of Kashmir sought help from Indians and they made an agreement with Indian Govt. Bec ( Full Answer )

Why is education a privilege not a right?

Educating children is a responsibilty of all societies and cultures , like any other responsibility such as feeding and clothing them . It is therefore a human right for a child to go to school. As for university education, that depends on the politics of the country in question, that is, whether th ( Full Answer )

How to get the area of a right triangle given only 1side?

Not possible without at least one other angle. If you have the length of one side, a ninety degree angle, and one other angle - you can work out the third angle and the lengths of the missing two sides. once you have all three side measurements, it's a simple task to calculate the area.

What was an area controlled but Rome and not given roman rights?

The areas controlled by Rome but not given Roman rights were simply known as territories or provinces and by their local names. These were most parts of Italy before the Social Wars and all the other provinces and cities unless they were granted citizenship.

What are economic significance of division of labor?

division of labour is the breaking down of production activities into stages.This makes work faster and easier it also create employment for individuals thereby encouraging economic progress.

What rights are not being given to children in child labor?

The rule is, children have to be at least 12 years of age. Also, they have to work no more than 10-12 hours and six days a week! But companies aren't following the rules. BTW, I know that's you you have a DETENTION

Can you be granted visitation with your son if custody rights have been given to grandparents?

You can file a petition for visitation rights in the court that has jurisdiction over the case. You can file a petition for visitation rights in the court that has jurisdiction over the case. You can file a petition for visitation rights in the court that has jurisdiction over the case. You can f ( Full Answer )

Is education a rights or a privilege?

Education is as a matter of fact a right. However, anyone who gets the opportunity to get a good education should consider it as a privilege. Everyone has a right to education.

What are the privileges granted to friend function?

Friend functions (and classes) have private access to the classes that declare them as friends. Although they have the same access rights as members of the class itself, friends are not themselves members of the class and cannot be inherited.

What is a right and a privilege?

A right is something you have with no questions asked, and itcannot be taken away. A privilege is something you earn, and uponmisuse can be taken away.

Is teenage driving a privilege or a right?

It's a privilege. Nobody has the absolute right to drive a vehicle.They have to prove they're intelligent enough to understand roadsigns, competent enough to operate the vehicle safely - andresponsible for their own actions if something goes wrong. Theyhave to be mature enough to use the vehicle sen ( Full Answer )