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Dizzyness in the second trimester is normal! Many women experience a drop in blood pressure as the body tries to adjust to an increase in blood volume.

The typical pattern is lower than normal blood pressure in the second trimester followed by a slow rise in the third trimester which we hope doesn't go up much above your non-pregnant blood pressure!

If you are feeling dizzy from low blood pressure, try to stay cool (I always got dizzy in the shower!), lie down, and drink some water.

You may also be dizzy from low blood sugar because the baby goes through several growth spurts in the second trimester which can really make mom hungry! If you think this is why you are dizzy, drink juice or something which will give you quick sugar, then eat some protein to keep your blood sugar level up long-term.

If you are dizzy a lot, have other symptoms (such as blurry vision or headache), or faint, please call your practitioner!

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Q: Is dizziness in the second trimester normal?
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Are dizziness and cramping normal in the first trimester?

Yes, dizziness, cramps and headaches are all normal in pregnancy - most often caused by hormonal fluctuations.

Is dizziness normal in the third trimester?

Sometimes yes due to hormone changes. Let your doctor know that you are having this.

Is it normal to lose weight during the second trimester of your pregnancy?


Is it normal to lactate in the second trimester of pregnancy?

Suppose so...

Are achy lungs normal in the second trimester?

No, you might be suffering from pulmonary edema.

Is it normal to gain a lot of weight in the first trimester?

No, normally there is minimal weight gain during the first trimester, most of the pregnancy weight gain occurs during the second trimester.

Is it normal to sleep a lot when you're pregnant?

Fatigue is common in early pregnancy, usually fades during the second trimester, then may return in the third trimester.

Is dizziness normal during the first trimester?

Yes, it is, however it could be a sign of anaemia, which is quite common during pregnancy, so you should speak to your doctor or midwife about it

Is it normal to have discharges in your second trimester?

As long as it doesn't contain blood, yes it is completely normal to have a mucus discharge through the end of the 3rd trimester. If you are questioning a normal/abnormal discharge or you think your bag of water is leaking, call your doctor to confirm.

Is dizziness normal after having hysterectomy?

is it normal to feel dizziness a couple of weeks after the hysterectomy

What month does the second trimester begin?

The second trimester begins on the fourth month.

How many weeks pregnant is considered your second trimester?

13 to 26 weeks is considered your second trimester! 13 to 26 weeks is considered your second trimester!

How do i know i am healthy in the 2nd trimester?

You are healthy in your second trimester of pregnancy if the baby is growing right.You are healthy in your second trimester of pregnancy if the baby is growing right.You are healthy in your second trimester of pregnancy if the baby is growing right.You are healthy in your second trimester of pregnancy if the baby is growing right.

How many weeks in is the second trimester if pregnancy?

There is also 12 weeks in the second trimester

Which happens during the second trimester?

The lips begin to develop.

How long is the second trimester?

The second trimester is 14 weeks. It lasts from 13-27 weeks of pregnancy. It is the longest trimester of pregnancy.

Is fungus normal during pregnancy?

Yes, it's more common when you are pregnant and especially during the second trimester.

Is it normal to always feel tired in the second trimester?

It is VERY normal to feel tired during your second trimester. Although many think that while in your second trimester you should have the most energy, it is not uncommon to feel tired. I am 24 weeks pregnant and I feel like I cant get enough sleep. When I asked my doctor, she said it was perfectly normal! So ladies, REST up! because we all know, when the baby comes, we wont be doing much resting!! good luck!

Which trimester does a baby gain most of its weight?

Second trimester

Which Trimester Does The respiratory system become mature?

the second trimester

When you start showing are you in your first trimester or second trimester?

You start to show in your second trimester, usually around the fifth month unless you have had many children.

Is a lot of dizziness normal at 36 weeks gestation?

A "lot" of dizziness is never normal. Seek medical attention

Is dizziness in teens normal?

Drinking in teens is normal.

What trimester are you in when you are twenty-seven weeks pregnant?

the second trimester

What does your stomach look like in your second trimester?

In the beginning of your second trimester, you will barely show. By the end, you will be showing more.