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Q: Is drinking squash as good as drinking water?
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Is drinking water with squash as good as plain water?


Is acidic water good for drinking?

No it is not good. It is harmful for your body.

Is rain water good for drinking?

after ten minutes of rain fall its good for drinking

Is drinking boiled water good for you?

Yes, it is good for you!!!!!!

IS drinking cucumber water good for you?

Yes, it can be good for you.

Is drinking too much water good for you?

No. Drinking, or eating, too much of anything is not good for you.

How does squash dissolve with water?

Squash can be easily diluted with water.

Is drinking more water is good or bad?

It's good

What are the benefits of drinking Jana Water?

Benefits of drinking Jana Water are the same as drinking regular water, Jana Water is just a brand name. It keeps you hydrated and is good for the skin.

Does drinking hot water is good for health?


Before sleeping drinking water is good for health or not?

There has been a lot of research showing that drinking a glass of water before sleeping is good for you health.

Is drinking flavored water as good as water?

No because they add chemicals to the water.

Is it good to drink a gallon of water a day?

Yes, but drinking too much water is just as bad as not drinking enough.

Is cold water good todrink during a meal?

Drinking water at any time is good. We need it. Drinking water with a meal makes the food take up more space in your stomach so it has the added benefit of helping make certain that you don't overeat. Drinking cold or "ice" water however, is not as good as drinking water at room temperature. It's more of a shock to your body.

What is squash drink in England?

A squash drink is fruit juice and water, mostly water.

Why seawater is not good for drinking and agriculture?

salt water

Is drinking chilled water after meal harmful?

No. Drinking water after a meal helps maintain good dental health, so doing so is actually a good thing.

Is drinking a lot of water is good for your body?

To a point. Your body can't take to much water though, and people have died by drinking to much water.

Can drinking water make you ill?

If the quality of water is not good, it could make you ill. Good water should be ok.

Why not to drink water at night?

There is nothing wrong in drinking water at night it is good for you.

Is drinking water good at night?

Yes, it is good any time you are thirsty.

Is drinking water in the morning good for health?

Drinking water at any time of the day is good for your health. Just remember to urinate frequently, or your bladder would burst. And don't drink water that is dirty.

What should be the ideal tds level in drinking water?

the optimal level of tds in drinking water is between 75 - 150 . good luck.

Where can get drinking water from?

you can get drinking water from a drinking fountain

What part of the body is Squash good for?

Yellow squash contains carotene and therefore is good for the eyes.