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Not really, the better expiriment would be if you used both sides of t he penny and compare all of your trials.

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What is a valid experiment?

A valid experiment is the one which is done on the basis of some facts and figures. The experiment which has a good statistical analysis is known to be valid experiment.step 3.

How do you know when an experiment is valid?

The results of an experiment are valid when they can be repeated by other scientists doing the same experiment.

What makes a valid experiment?

To make an experiment valid you have to make sure that the experiments results answer the question that you first started from.

What is the definition of Valid Experiment?


What must an experiment have in order to be valid?

a control

How can you make your results valid?

repeat the experiment at least three times to gain valid results :)

What is the minimum number of trials for an experiment to be valid?


To be a valid scientific experiment the results must be?


Why is a control needed in a valid experiment?

A control is needed in a valid experiment because without controls then more then one variable is being tested. This can mess up the results.

What does a valid experiment must include?

a control group and statistical analysys of the resultsalso, to be considered valid, the results of a scientific experiment must be repeatable and still proven correct.

The analysis of data gathered during a particular experiment is necessary in order to?

Draw a valid conclusion for that experiment.

The analysis of a data gathered during a particular experiment is necessary in order to?

draw a valid conclusion for that experiment.

How can someone tell if a experiment is valid?

when he or she's conclusion is right

How can you make an experiment more valid?

There are several ways to make an experiment more valid. For example, one should always make any experiment repeatable, and they should conduct several trials before publishing results or coming to conclusions.

How can you show that the results of an experiment are valid?

We only know that the results of an experiment are valid when other scientists are able to obtain the same (or equivalent) results. So, if the experiment is interesting, and it is carefully conducted and written up and published, other scientists will be interested in confirming your results.

What steps are involved in making a valid conclusion?

Scientists use the data from an experiment to evaluate the hypothesis and draw a valid conclusion.

How do you make a test more valid?

In a valid experiment all the variables are kept the same apart from those being investigated.

To be valid an experiment must not include?

more than one variable

A hypothesis only becomes a valid argument after it has been?

A hypothesis only becomes a valid argument after it has been proved. It is only a valid argument if there is proof (i.e. from an experiment).

What does a reliable experiment mean?

A reliable experiment is one that can be proven or has been worked out several times giving valid or dependable results.

Which procedure must be followed for the results of an experiment to be considered valid?

The experiment must be repeated a number of times and yield similar results.

How many controlled variables must a controlled experiment contain to be valid?


Can an experiment have two independent variables?

No because if too many things change then the experiment will not be valid. So therefore, no a experiment cannot have more than one independent variable.

Discuss why experimental results must be reproducible in order to be considered valid?

If the experiment is not reproducible, no one can perform the experiment independently to confirm the results.

What is the difference between a valid test and a reliable test?

Reliable indicates that each time the experiment is conducted, the same results are obtained (accuracy). Valid indicates the experiment (or test) has controlled variables and used an appropriate method/model.