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Is earth an open or closed system?


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both. For everything except energy, it's closed.

For energy (i.e. the sun's input, radiation into space at night) it's open.

One definition of a closed system is a system that can exchange energy with it's environment but not matter. Therefore the earth is a closed system by this logic.


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its not, its pretty open

closed system is mostly a closed system with respect to matter but is still an open system for energy while for open system exchanged between a system and the surrounding environment. matter was added to the early earth through the collisions of comets and meteorites with your planet.

With respect to matter, Earth is a closed system and with respect to energy, Earth is an open system.

open system is a closed biosphere.

Early earth was an open system due to the meteors that brought heat, which was energy, and they were also matter.

it is a closed system, the earth operates on a water budget in which deficits in one part are balance by gains in another part.

A closed system has an standard operating pressure whereas a open system is open to the atmosphere.

This is disputable! Good question!!! The earth is generally accepted to be a largely closed system as far as matter goes (although there is a small amount of particles entering and exiting the earth at any given time). But the earth is gaining and losing energy all the time so it is definitely an open system as far as energy is concerned.

It's considered a closed system because the water just keeps getting reused by evaporation,precipitation,condensation, and runoff.

Is the stratification system of south africa closed open or mixed

A fish has a closed circulatory system.

A bird has a closed circulatory system.

Platypuses have a closed circulatory system.

Closed (I think. All vertebrates I know of have a closed system)

earth is a closed system because, in other words, there is little or no input of new materials from outside the system.

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