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East Germany was state capitalist, not Communist. Communism means no state, no classes, no money, no borders, no poverty.

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East Germany, as it was, no longer exists. It is all part of one Germany. Germany is not communist, so the answer is no.

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Q: Is east Germany still communist
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What part of Germany was under communist?

East Germany and East Berlin.

Was East Germany a communist country in the cold war?

Yes. East Germany was separated from West Germany by the Berlin Wall during the era of communism there. East Germany was part of the Soviet Communist Bloc and West Germany was the non-communist portion.

Why was eastern Europe communist?

west Germany cut of from east Germany by the Berlin wall forcing east Germany to become a communist country.

Was east Germany communist?

East Germany, the former German Democratic Republic, was Communist when it was under Russian control following the end of World War II.

When did East Germany stop being a communist country?

East Germany ended in 1990.

Before its collapse East Germany was .?


What part of Germany was once under communist rule?

East Germany (German Democratic Republic) was a communist client state of the Soviet Union from 1949 to 1990. It was created from the Soviet occupation zone of Germany (1945-1949) following World War II.

Wich part of germany was communist?

After World War II, a large chunk of northeastern Germany was occupied by the Soviet Union. Eventually this became the basis of the "German Democratic Republic", also known as East Germany. East Germany inherited the Soviet-style Communist dictatorship as its government.

What was the city surrounded by communist East Germany?

West Berlin was entirely surrounded by East Germany till the reunification of Germany in 1990.

What wall was built to stop migration from communist in East Germany?

The wall was built to stop migration from East Germany to West Germany.

What government did germany have after world war 2?

Germany was divided into two countries. East and West Germany. Communist East Germany and Free West Germany.

What country welcomed unification with Germany?

Recently East Germany (Communist Germany) but in WW2, Austria.