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well first off,WHY are you giving your dog porkchop bones?????kinda stupid.......anyways if your dog eats any kind of bone like chicken or turkey(Thanksgiving is in 2 days)then you should take them to the vet to have it removed because first off they could choke on it,second,they cant digest it and third,the bone could splinter and cut the inside of their throat or stomache and it could make them internally the short and sweet answer would be:GET THAT DOG TO THE VET ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!

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βˆ™ 2011-11-22 23:07:09
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Q: Is eating porkchop bones harmful to a dog?
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Your dog puked sharp porkchop bones?

Gross! Gross!

Can you tame a dog with a porkchop in minecraft?

No. You can only tame a wolf with bones.

What is bad for a dog to eat?

Chocolate, peanut butter and Chicken bones dogs shouldn't be eating these things because chocolate will kill the dog the peanut butter will clog the dogs system and chicken bones break into shard like structures. They are not strong enogh but dogs can have porkchop bones

Is porkchop bones going to kill dogs?

No, pork chop bones will do no effect to that dog, i have a black lab myself and i feed him anything even chicken bones and still no problems.

Is eating feces harmful for a dog?

Yes, it can be harmful if your dog is doing that you should clean up any faeces you see !

What causes a dog to get diarrhea?

eating chicken bones

Will my dog die from eating chicken bones?

Yes, it could get splinters

How is eating feces harmful to dogs?

Well it's something that the dog has already eaten and needs to get rid of, but in truth, it's not harmful

Can puppies eat beef bones?

i think so because they don't die from eating bones do they i would think it all right because i have a dog and my dog don't mind

Do lamb bones splinter?

Lambs are young sheep and their bones haven't fully developed so, YES, lamb bones can and do splinter and can be harmful to a dog if lodged in its throat or digestive tract.

Why does dog crap turn white on the lawn?

because it has been eating bones. nothing to worry about

Your dog loosing weight and pooping a lot?

Dog poops immediately after eating and is loosing weight, can see bones ribs etc.

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