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Eating sand can greatly erode tooth enamel, causing decay, cavities, sensitivity, discoloration, and pain. This is because of the abrasiveness of the sand.

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Q: Is eating sand bad for you?
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What are the dangers of eating sand?

The main danger of eating sand is loss of healthy enamel that cannot be regained

Is the cure for cancer eating sand?

No. Unless there is mysterious compound found in sand, eating it will not cure cancer at all.

Is it bad for a baby to eat sand?

It's bad for anyone to eat sand

My dairy cattle are eating the sand which is killing them off What is in the sand and is there anything i can do to the sand to stop them eating the sand?

they may suffer from mineral difficiency however there may be something toxic in your sand or some spores of a clostridium bacteria if they have diarrhoea try to check that

Why is your dog eating sand?

I am not sure why your dog is eating sand, however I know cats will liter in the sand and it may be your dog smells and is trying to eat cat feces or even other dog feces. I would discourage your dog from doing this as sand caries lots of little critters that can be bad for your dog. Your best bet is to ask your vet and also ask them what the dangers to your pet can be for doing so.

Will it hurt your dog if he eats sand?

Every dog eats a little sand here and there. If he's going out of his way to eat sand, he either has a bad habit, or maybe he is deficient in some nutrient. I'd talk to his vet. How much? If he gets a little in his food it won't be a problem. If he's eating it straight, yea, that could be bad.

Does eating sand affect the appendix?

yes eating sand does affect your appendix. the body can not disgest the sand since it is in tiny grains. its almost like saying to a kid in the candy store because they can get cavitys you can get really sick if you eat sand.

Can Bearded Dragons die from eating on sand?

Yes, they can die from impaction by eating on sand if sand gets caught in their food. However, you can use calcium based sand and not have to worry. Calcium based sand can be digested by Bearded Dragons without hurting them.

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A sand lizard is a carnivore, catching and eating insects.

Is eating peanut butter with nuts bad for you?

Eating peanut butter with nuts is not bad for you unless you are allergic to it.

Will eating sand have negative effect on your stomach?

Yes, sand is essentially tiny rocks that can cut your stomach lining.

How do you know if you are eating bad sushi?

It taste bad.....

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Yes, it is bad for you.

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it is Quite bad

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eating sand

Is eating sand harms any organs?

Are you sure you know how to speak English?Does eating sand harm any organs?

Is it bad to eat sand?

Sand is not good to eat. Small amounts won't hurt.

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