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Is eating soap dangerous?

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Just pick up a bar of soap in your supermarket and take a read of the ingredients.

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Will cats die if they eat soap?

It's dangerous--no doubt, but I'm not sure it can kill them-- but it probably can make them sick. Try googling it. (What the hell was your cat doing eating soap anyway!? XD)

Does eating dish soap and drinking water make you go 3?

Eating dish soap will make you sick. Don't do it.

How do you stop eating soap?

taste it

Why is soap dangerous when it is first made?

cause it is

Does eating soap make you thin?

No… It's just a myth; to become thin we need to follow healthy diet and have to spend fair amount of time in working outs. Eating soap would make you sick, try to avoid eating soap.

What are the Dangers of eating soap?

Alkalosis and Hypothyroidism

How dangerous if the hamster will bite you?

Not dangerous. If the skin breaks just clean it with soap and water.

Is swallowing dish soap dangerous?

Yes, it can be caustic.

Is eating cement dangerous?

yah itc reallly dangerous

Is eating kleenex dangerous?


Is it okay to eat Irish spring soap?

First of all you should never even think about eating soap and no.

Can you make babies if you eat soap?

Eating soap does not make babies. Sperm and egg combined make a baby.

Can a dog get sick from eating dish soap?

Yes, if your dog eats dish soap you should call your vet.

Are all Alkalis dangerous?

NO, not all of the alkalis are dangerous. For example, soap is made with alkalis. However, most of them are dangerous, so we should be carefully with them!

Will eating soap kill you?

not unless you eat loads and loads of it.

Can you die from eating soap?

No Unless it's toxic, which i doubt.

Do you be ill if you eat bubbles?

Eating soap will give you the runs.

Why is the black swallower not dangerous to humans?

Dangerous* lol..?

What will happen if you continually eat soap powder?

You will die. Seriously, soap powder is not meant for eating. Read the back of the box. If you are eating anything that is not "Food", you most probably have an Iron deficiency. Go for a complete blood count. And stop eating that stuff.

Is there anything dangerous about a horse eating bread?

no their is not no their is not

Is drinking milk after eating fish dangerous?


How dangerous is a slater eating spider?

It can be dangerous if given the chance to bite. It causes itchiness

Is eating soap bad for dogs?

Yes , it sure isn't healthy !

What to do when eating bath soap?

because they want to eat human face

Can a dog die from eating soap?

I do believe it can die but it can get very sick.