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Q: Is electrostatic force contact force or non contact force?
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Is electrostatic a contact or non contact force?

Electrostatic Force are non-contact force.

Is electrostatic force a contact or non contact force?

Electrostatic Force are non-contact force.

Are electrostatic charges contact or non-contact forces?

It is a non-contact force - no contact is required for the force to act.

Is electro static a contact or a non contact force?

Electrostatic forces work at a distance. Non contact.

Prove that electrostatic force is really non-contact force?

Because the atoms don't touch

Do gravitational force is in the non contact forces?

yes, its one of the 3 non-contact forces generally see. the ther both are magnetic force and electrostatic force

Is electrostatic force a contact or non-contact force?

Static electricity is a non contact force because : Whether an object is charged by conduction or induction or even by friction they acquire a charge and the objects acquire opposite charge in induction and friction but same charge in conduction. So when the charged body is brought near an uncharged body if they have opposite charge they will be attracted towards the charged body due to the movement of ionic particles.

What is the definition of non-contact forces?

A non-contact force is any force applied to an object by another body that is not in direct contact with it. Ex. Gravity, Magnetism

What other words can be used to describe force?

contact forces: Push, pull, friction, strain. Non-contact forces : Magnetic, gravitational and electrostatic

Electric force is a contact force or force at a distance?

electrostatic force is not a contact force it is force at a distance likely to that of gravitational force.

Is magnetic force is contact or non contact?

Magnetic force is a non-contact force.

Is elastic force a contact force or a non- contact force?

A spring force is a contact force not a non-contact force.