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Q: Is enrolled or enroled correct
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Is this statement correct enrolled at astro gym today?

yes it is

Is it gramatically correct to say i got enrolled?

Yes, but using got enrolled instead of simply enrolled lends a special meaning. It suggests that someone else enrolled me without my wanting it, or that there was a problem with my enrollment that I had to overcome. For example: I hoped to keep my name off the list, but I got enrolled anyway; or They made it hard for me to sign up, but finally I got enrolled.

What happens if you go to a class you are not enrolled in in high school?

They will kick you out, and send you to the correct class.

how do i get my son enrolled ?

how do i get my son enrolled

What is the past participle of enroll?

The past participle of "enroll" is "enrolled." For example, "She has enrolled in the new course."

How do you use enrolled in a proper sentence?

The parent enrolled her son in a preschool program. Ten new students have enrolled in our school this year.

Is the sentence I am currently doing master's in Public Administration gramatically correct?

i am currently enrolled in a masters degree for public administration, and feel confident that i will be ready to accept your offer of employment.

Do you have to be enrolled in a school while taking the GED program?

no u dont have to be enrolled in school

When was Enrolled Nurse Professional Association created?

Enrolled Nurse Professional Association was created in 1994.

Are there IRS Enrolled Agents in Lincoln NE?

Yes, there are enrolled IRS agents in Lincoln, NE

How many students are enrolled at the University of Montana?

13,358 students are enrolled at the University of Montana in fall of 2017.

What is a sentence for Enrolled?

Much to my delight, I found out that my father had enrolled me in some art classes at the community center.