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Euplotes belong to Kingdom Animalia.

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Q: Is euplotes animal plant or fungus like?
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Are dinoflagellates plant-like animal-like or fungus-like?

It has plant characteristics.

What organisms are animal like plant like or fungus like?


What are the 3 protists?

Animal like Protist, Fungus like Protist, and Plant like Protist

Are the categories animal like plant like or fungus like useful in classifying protists?

No, because protist is any organism that is not a plant, animal, a fungus, or a prokaryote. Protists are eukaryotes that aren't members of the kingdoms plantae, anamalia, or fungi.

Is a water snail animal like plant like or fungus like?

it is like a blend between all but mostly fungus like according to my textbook from Stanford

Are bacillariophyta plant like animal like or fungus like?

Bacillariophyta are organisms that live on trees and require sunlight. They are bacteria that are derived from and act like a fungus.

What are the three main sub-classificationor types of protists?

animal-like, plant-like, and fungus-like.

What are the three categories for protists based on ways of life?

Animal-Like Plant-like fungus-like

Are protists easy to classify?

Somewhat, there are three groups: Plant-like, Animal-like, and fungus-like. Protists are basically the leftovers.

What are microscopic living cells?

Microscopic living cells are called Protists. They are divided into three categories: animal like (or protozoan), plant like (algae), and fungus like. Protists have a wide species range because they are pretty much just organisms that don't fit into the classification of animal, plant, or fungus.

Is an amoeba a fungus?

Not all amoebae are fungi. An amoeba may be an animal, protozoa, algae, or fungus. A fungus is a plant-like heterotroph organism; single-celled fungi are called yeasts.

Organism used in a sentence?

An organism is any contiguous living system, such as animal, fungus, or plant.