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haha. well i cant speak for everyone, but i think so.

I would assume that there are some people out there that ignore the breasts, but most are probably turned on by them. As a personal opinion, there is not too much that you can do with breasts except make a woman more turned on which is what I use them for. My spouse had a mastectomy and even though I miss them, she is just fine without them as far as I am concerned.

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Q: Is everyone attracted to Breasts
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Are bulls attracted to cow utters like guys are attracted to female breasts?

No... but i'm attracted to your utters

Why do girls have breasts and men have little breasts?

same reason men have penises and women dont, men are attracted to boobs, women are attracted to penises.

When girls are at school are boys attracted to their breasts?

I think.

Can a person be attracted to feet and breasts?

Yea, there common fetishes.

Why are guys so attracted to their sister-in-law?

cuz they have breasts

Are men attracted to breasts?

I myself am not. I don't want to see them at all.

Are you a lesbian if you like breasts?

No. You are a lesbian only if you are sexually attracted to other women.

Who likes brests better men or lesbians?

Well it depends on the person. some men and/or lesbians are not fond of breasts or attracted to them. some lesbians and/or men are very attracted to them. like i said, it depends on the person. And the size of the breasts

At what age do girls get breasts?

everyone is different,.. but girls usually get breasts in middle school

If men had breasts would they be classified as gay or bisexual for enjoying women's breasts?

Breasts don't make a woman. Some women are flat chested. The men who love them aren't gay. Also, if men had breasts, they would be men's breasts. So a man attracted to men's breasts would be gay.

You love looking at breasts are you a lesbian?

No. You are only a lesbian if you are sexually attracted to other girls.

Why do teenage boys stare at teenage girls breasts?

its a natural thing men are usually attracted to women