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Q: Is everyone equal in American today?
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Where many of the laws in use today come from Hammurabi's Code?

not everyone was equal. or not everyone had jobs or not everyone had to obey.

Is American Airlines aadvantage available to everyone?

American Airlines AAdvantage is availalbe to everyone who signs up and flies with American Airlines.

How did the civil war change your life today?

now there is no more slavery and everyone is equalthere is no more slavery and everyone is equal no matter where they come from

What does one hundred thousand pounds equal to in American dollars today?

156,430 dollars.

What methods did Lyman Beecher use to improve American life?

He wanted everyone to have fairness and equal justice.

How does a Christian view the world?

that everyone is equal.. that everyone is equal..

What per centage of Pennsylvania is African American?

write the question right to get an answer! that also really does not matter what % is African American. It really does not matter, everyone is equal

How are African American women viewed in today's society?

African American women are viewed as people, humans and they are treated equally to everyone else. There are people who treat them badly and view them badly, but it not commonly found today.

What are the merits and demerits of communism?

Merits-Everyone is Equal. Demerits-Everyone is Equal.

Why is American considered the birthplace of popular music?

Elvis was the first person to "create" the breed of music that is around today, and as everyone should know, Elvis was American

What says everyone is created equal?

the declaration of independence says that everyone is created equal

What is one US dollar worth today in Eurodollars?

Right now, one American dollar is equal to 0.697885407 Euros.