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No. Evil is the absence of good. God did not create evil...we made evil, and unfortunately for God, He gave us free will, so everything evil in this world has been chosen by us.

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Q: Is evil a test from god?
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Who made lusifer evil?

He was jealous of god and wanted to be him. God sent him to earth so he could create evil in the world to test humans' free will. So technically, "god" did

Why do philosophers constitute evil as a problem of theism?

Evil is specifically a problem of monotheism with an omniscient omnibenevolent god, such as in the Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Baha'i, etc. tradition. Evil is not a problem for monotheism with a wicked god or incompetent god or for polytheism in general. The reason that evil is a problem according to philosophers is simply that if God is all-powerful and all-good, the presence of evil in the world makes no sense. Either God is all-powerful and could stop the evil, but chooses not to (making Him not all-good) OR God is all-good and wishes he could stop the evil, but is incapable (making Him not all-powerful). The typical religious answer is that the evil in the world is a matter of perception and these things are actually a test to promote the better aspects of ourselves. Some philosophers are satisfied with this answer. Other philosophers argue that the evil in the world does not seem to target the most morally corrupt people, appearing entirely random, making it unlikely that such a test is being engineered.

Why is the god Set's nickname The Red God?

The nickname of him is the red god because in egypt, the color red stands for evil, and set is the god of evil, so they named him the red god, a.k.a. the evil god

When was Ancient God of Evil created?

Ancient God of Evil was created in 1995.

Where did Satan get his powers from if God never gave it to Satan?

In Isaiah 45:7 it says that God created evil. But it doesn't say that God does evil in anywhere I looked . God could create evil things but it doesn't say that God makes you do evil. It's like God created the choices to do good or to do evil . It does say that God makes you do evil things. But you can say I'm looking for it. You could say that God created the powers of evil that Satan choose to use but God never forced Satan to use those evil powers.

If god knows all Why does god test your faith?

Because he gave us free will, and he wants to know if we are worthy for heaven. (in a nutshell) ANSWER God does not test or try anyone. James 1:13 When under trial let no one say I am being tried by God. For with evil things God cannot be tried nor does God try anyone.

Who was the god of evil in Egyptian mythology?

Set was the god of evil who killed the king of the gods

What is the Jewish interpretation on temptation?

The evil inclination (yetzer hara) has been created by God to test us in infinite ways, including temptation.

Who is the Egypt god of evil?

the god of evil is Set who mother and father is Nut-goddesess of the sky and Geb-God of the earth.

What does evil fear?

Evil fears God and his love.

Should God be worshiped if God is evil?

Yes.Nothing evil should be worshipped. Thankfully, He isn't.

Why is there evil in Islam?

according to Islam God created human and universe to God be known. God has many attributes. human can not know the entity of God and only can know God by attributes of God. an attribute can be known only when its opposite exist. for example if cold not exist warm has no meaning so God created evil to good (attributes of God) be known for each good there is an evil Islam says evil actually not exist and evil is absence of good