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It can be if it's from an acid or similar chemical. If it's due to a rubbing action, though (like those novelty soaps with the grainy texture), it's mechanical. Also, "weathering" is an odd term to use with a living organism. It's more akin to cleaning.

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Q: Is exfoliation an example of chemical weathering?
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What are the reasons that exfoliation of granite occurs?

Exfoliation of bodies of granite rock can occur from chemical weathering of the surface, differences in temperature, salt crystallization, and release of pressure.

What type of weathering causes exfoliation?

Mechanical weathering.

Which of the following processes is an example of chemical weathering?

Which of the following is an example of chemical weathering?

Type of physical weathering?

Therew is only to types of weathering in my knowledge and they are Mechanical and Chemical (in scientific term). Mechanical is also know as physical.

What is the weathering process which led to the formation of tors?

The weathering process involved in the formation of tors is exfoliation (onion skin weathering). Exfoliation can be mechanical or chemical. Mechanically, exfoliation may be a result of the different expansion rates between exterior and interior layers. Chemically, the exterior of the rock can be chemically altered to minerals of higher volume, causing it to slough off from the rock to which it was formerly attached.

What is the differences between physical weathering and chemical weathering of granite?

Physical weathering is: frost, crystallization, exfoliation,, biological and pressure release. Chemcal weathering: anything with chemicals in it like carbonation, hydrolysis, solution, oxidation and hydration.

What is an example of weathering in Edwards plateau?

chemical weathering

Examples of Mechanical weathering?

Frost wedging & exfoliation are common terms associated with mechanical weathering.

What is geological physical Weathering?

•Aeolian • •Biological weathering • •Exfoliation • •Thermal Expansion

Which type of weathering produces an exfoliation dome?

In some case chemical weathering can cause this (where new crystals form from old ones but where the volume of the new crystals is not the same as the original). In other cases the weathering process is temperature driven by water entering the porous layer of a weathering rock and freezing. This can split the rock parallel to the surface, giving it exfoliation layers. Some texts also imply that exfoliation domes are produced by by removal of vertical pressure relieving paleo stresses in the rock, this however would not be a weathering process.

What type of weathering causes acid rain?

carbonation is an example of chemical weathering carbonation is an example of chemical weathering

What is the geographical term for onion skin weathering?