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Not exactly, ExxonMobile is a Limited Liability Company (LLC). An LLC is a company not a corporation.

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Q: Is exxonMobil a limited liability corporation?
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Is Target Corporation a limited liability corporation?


What type of business has limited liability?

An LLC (Limited Liability Corporation).

What is a ltd corporation a c corporation or s corporation?

LTD stands for Limited Liability. Either type of corporation would qualify in that the owners' liability is limited.

Examples of a corporation?

general corporation Close corporation Limited Liability Corporation

What type of corporation is Harpo Inc?

limited liability corporation

What litigation rules apply to a limited liability corporation in California?

California Limited Liability Company Act (“LLC Act”) apply to limited liability corporation. Visit for more details.

A business that enjoys limited liability is?


Which of these is a major advantage of a corporation?

Limited liability is a major advantage of a corporation.

How would you describe a limited-liability corporation?

There is no such thing as a 'limited-liability corporation'. A 'limited liability company' is an unincorporated organization that is treated as a separate entity from the members (equivalent to stockholders of a corporation) but is ignored for tax purposes. A single member limited liability company is treated as if the income is that of the member. A multiple member limited liability company is treated as a partnership. Unless the LLC chooses to be taxed separately as a corporation. Limited-liability companies enjoy the benefits of limited liability while being taxed like a general partnership. Owners' net income is taxed at an individual personal rate rather than at the rate of a corporation

What is a WLL company and what does that stand for?

A "WLL" company is a type of limited-liability corporation, where WLL stands for "With Limited Liability." The rules for a WLL vary by country. In the US, the LLC ("Limited Liability Corporation") business type is similar.

What does Class LLC mean?

Limited Liability Corporation.

What is limited liability?

shareholders are not responsible for the debts of the corporation.

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