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No fake butter is not better than real butter because real butter contains natural taste, proteins, nutrient. Where as fake butter consist of chemicals and nothing is real in fake butter.

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Which butter makes cookies taste better?

i think the natural and salted butter tastes better than the fake stuff like margrine. it gives the cookies more flavor

What is better fake worms or real worms in the rock river?

If you mean for fishing than I'd say real worms, they are more lively than fake ones.

Why real butter is better than margarine and oils when making candy?

Taste and texture.

Which is better marmite or butter?

Your choiceIts really your choice because you might think that marmite is better than butter or butter is better than marmite!

Is almond butter better than peanut butter?

Yes,Almond butter is about 40% healthier than peanut butter.

Is butter better than diamonds?

Butter is more digestible than diamonds. Better is a judgement call, and you are the judge.

What are facts about butter?

It is fact that butter makes many foods taste better than margarine. Cookies are especially good when you use butter. Butter is better for you than margarine.

Are Christmas trees fake better than real Christmas trees?

All my life i have had a fake tree! untile years ago i started getting real trees and to be honest it is alot better than fake trees. this is because the smell of a real tree, and it is alot more pretty, also you dont have the hassle of taking a tree up and down you can just burn or throw the tree in the woods!

What year did they come out with spray butter?

i think they came out with spray butter because some people are to lazy to take out a knife and cut butter from the butter Holder some people think the spray is better than real butter (i don't)

What is the most difficult tongue twister?

Betty Botter bought some butter, but she said "this butter's bitter! But a bit of better butter will but make my butter better" So she bought some better butter, better than the bitter butter, and it made her butter better so 'twas better Betty Botter bought a bit of better butter!

Why better is better than best?

Because better rhymes with butter

Is peanut butter better than Nutella?

Health wise, yes, peanut butter is better than Nutella. Taste wise, debatable

Is real ecstasy safer than fake ecstasy?

yes real x has 100%mdm and fake has alot of cemicals

Is jam better than butter?


What are the release dates for The New Dick Van Dyke Show - 1971 A Fake Matisse Is Better Than a Real Anzelowitz 3-22?

The New Dick Van Dyke Show - 1971 A Fake Matisse Is Better Than a Real Anzelowitz 3-22 was released on: USA: 4 March 1974

What is better for you chocolate or peanut butter?

Peanut butter is generally healthier for you than chocolate.

Is cubic zirconium a real diamond?

No, that's why they're so much cheaper. They are a 'very good' fake. Better than rhinestones, certainly.

Is lard better than butter for bread making?


Why we using butter for cake?

Because butter tastes better than artificial shortening products.

Is fake meat better for you than real meat?

Yes. Veggie meat contains little to no cholesterol, and usually has much lower levels of fat.

How can you tell a fake big pony polo from a real one?

If it has two people on the horse than its fake

Why are fakes cheaper than the real?

Because they're fake, of course. Fake means an imitation, not the real thing, so of course it's not as good.

How do you detect a fake Chanel purse?

Will all chanel bags that are real have a card inside the purse it will say that its real and will have some numbers.IF THE CARD IS NOT THERE THAN IT MEANS IT IS FAKE AND ALSO IF THE C's ARE BACKWARD THAN IT IS FAKE AND INSIDE THERE IS A LEATHER TAG THATS SAYS CHANEL IF ITS FAKE IT WILL BE MISPELLED.

Is digital projection better?

Better than what? Low cholesterol butter? KY lubricant?

What are the benefits of using real hair extensions?

There are a few benefits to using real hair extensions. Real hair extensions have a more real look to them than fake extension hairs. Also, it is easier to manage and clean real hair extensions than the fake ones.

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