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No fake butter is not better than real butter because real butter contains natural taste, proteins, nutrient. Where as fake butter consist of chemicals and nothing is real in fake butter.

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Q: Is fake butter better than real butter?
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Which butter makes cookies taste better?

i think the natural and salted butter tastes better than the fake stuff like margrine. it gives the cookies more flavor

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If you mean for fishing than I'd say real worms, they are more lively than fake ones.

Why real butter is better than margarine and oils when making candy?

Taste and texture.

Which is better marmite or butter?

Your choiceIts really your choice because you might think that marmite is better than butter or butter is better than marmite!

Who invented spray butter and when?

i think they came out with spray butter because some people are to lazy to take out a knife and cut butter from the butter Holder some people think the spray is better than real butter (i don't)

Is butter better than diamonds?

Butter is more digestible than diamonds. Better is a judgement call, and you are the judge.

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Because butter tastes better than artificial shortening products.

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