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It's a sign but not the only sign. If you're wondering if your pregnant and it is causing stress you may hav a harder time sleeping at night which will make you tired. Please see your health care provider to be sure.

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Q: Is feeling very tired all day for over a week a sign of pregnancy?
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Is feeling nauseous after almost everything you eat a sign of pregnancy?

It can be a sign of pregnancy...also you might be very tired or feel like you are getting the flu...achy, etc.

Is feeling your heartbeat in your stomach a sign of pregnancy?


Are these signs of pregnancy cramping feeling very tired and pain in abdomen?

While tiredness is a sign of early pregnancy, the other signs are not. Possibly it would be best to seek a medical opinion. A pregnancy home test can be done as well. Absence of periods is often the first sign of pregnancy along with tiredness.

For a week i wake up with menstrual cramps but no period could this be a sign of pregnancy?

yes, feeling crampy can be a sign of pregnancy

Is feeling awful and weak and no energy a sign of pregnancy?

Can be but it can also be a sign of many other things. it's not a sure sign of pregnancy so take the test.

Is feeling dizzy then getting sweaty then vomiting after a sign of pregnancy?


Can a sign of pregnancy be the feeling of getting period?

Yes, the symptoms are similar.

Is feeling bloated everyday but has not had a period yet a sign of pregnancy?


Why are you so horney could you be pregnant?

Feeling sexual is not a sign of pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test if you are concerned.

Is feeling week a sign of early pregnancy?

Many women do feel weak and get tired easier during pregnancy. I am about 6 weeks pregnant and I am tired all the time. Normally, I would get in bed around 12:30. Now I'm in bed no later than 9 because I'm so exhausted.

What is the earliest sign of pregnancy?

The earliest sign for most women is tenderness or pain in the breasts. Also being unusually tired.

Does hunger feeling is also sign of pregnancy?

Yes, it can be, but one of the minor signs.

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