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Q: Is film of an event a primary source or a secondary source?
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Is a commentary a secondary source?

Yes, a commentary is a secondary source. A primary source is a first hand account of an event. I.e. I was at the corner when a five car pile up happened. When the police question me, the account I give them is a primary source.A secondary source is an after-the-fact account of events gathered from a primary source. A commentary is derived after reading a written article or watching a film, this the commentators commentary is secondary to what they were watching, reading, or listening too.

Is a film of the six wives of Henry viii a secondary or primary source?

Depends on if its a documentary or a movie. a documentary would be primary where as a movie or reenactment would be secondary

What is primary sourcing?

A primary source is recorded during or very shortly after an event. Some examples of primary sources are journals, newspaper articles, photographs, and film footage from the event.

Is a news film footage a primary source?

Yes, news film footage can be considered a primary source as it captures real-time events as they occur. It provides direct and unfiltered information about a particular event, making it a valuable resource for historical research or analysis.

Is film-making secondary or tertiary industry?

Filmmaking is a primary industry.

Who is the secondary in 'The Wizard of Oz'?

Glinda the Good is the secondary in "The Wizard of Oz."Specifically, a secondary steps in to finish what the primary source of problem-solving cannot do or leaves undone. The primary though bogus source of quest fulfillment is the Wizard in both the original 1900 book edition and the beloved 1939 film version of "The Wizard of Oz." But the Wizard exits before Dorothy Gale's dream of getting home is realized. Glinda the Good completes the happy ending by informing Dorothy on how to get herself and her pet dog Toto back home to Uncle Henry and Aunt Em in Kansas.

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