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For a 32-bit processor that's the best you can get. 64-bit processors are becoming more popular though. I would recommend a machine with a 64-bit processor.

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Q: Is four gigabytes good for computer memory?
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What is good computer memory?

4 gb ddr3

What is good memory for a computer to have?

4 gb ddr3

What is a good amount of memory on a computer hard drive?

about 400 GB is good

What do you have to consider when adding memory modules to a computer?

When the computer starts to present loss of memory or becoming forgetful. 2 to 4 GB is a good amount of memory for any computer.

What does GB stand for when refering to 8GB of ram?

GB refers to gigabyte and is the measure of how much physical memory a computer has. Memory is essential to ensure your computer runs efficiently and the higher the memory the better. 8gb of ram is a good amount to have on a pc.

What is computer memory in your opinion how much is good?

Computer MEMORY, Also known as Ram, is what speeds up your computer. Programs on your computer need memory as a temporary storage to run, only when the programs are running is it using memory. Depending on what computer you have and/or what you want and what you do on your computer. If you do a lot of multi-tasking with a lot of programs open then consider getting a 6 GB on a desktop and a 4 GB on a laptop. if you don't multi-task with multiple programs then consider getting from 4 GB on a desktop and 1-3 GB on a laptop. But usually 4 gigabytes is fine. I have a 3 GB Memory laptop with WIN7 Ultimate and it works pretty smoothly. If i had another GB for memory I would never have to worry about my laptop being slow on me

Is ram the memory of computer?

I think the link, in related links below, has pretty good information for you. ram is random acess memory and is wiped each time the computer is turned off. a typical home computer has 2 gb of ram. a hard drive is the memory that does not get wiped when the computer is turned off. a typical computer should have atleast a 300 gb hard drive.

What is 4 gb memory?

4GB of memory is 4 Giga-bytes of RAM, or Random Access Memory. Which is a crucial part of a computer. 4GB is usually considered a high amount, which is good.

How many minutes in a gigabyte?

gigabytes is actually a measurement of memory. If your computer has 100 Gigabytes that's pretty good. A minute is, as I'm sure you know, a measurement of time. So they are incompatible.

How much memory does a PS3 have?

The memory that a ps3 has depends on how much GB it has in it. For example, my ps3 which has 320 GB has a pretty good memory. My friend's ps3 which has 245 GB does not have the same amount of memory that my ps3 does.

What do you mean by better memory?

In technology memory typically refers to computer memory/memory chips used in a whole range of electronic devices. Better memory typically refers to more memory. Your computer may have 1 GB of RAM (Random Access Memory). If you want your computer to work faster, one way out would be to have better (read more) memory. So you upgrade to 2 GB - and your computer would be faster. Over the years, the technology used to make memory chips has been changing is the type of memory chips. Generally the latest being better, If you wish to know more about the different types of memory chips a google search is a good starting point.

What is good memory on computers?

4 gb ddr3

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