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yes... teen gohan is the strongest form of gohan (exept ultimate)

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Who is stronger among Vegeta Goku and Gohan?

According to DragonBall Z, it seems that overall, Goku is somewhat stronger than Vegeta and gohan is stronger than vegeta

Is ultimate gohan stronger than vegeta?

yes ultimate gohan is better than vegeta

Who stronger gohan or vegeta?

gohan obviously

Who is stronger ssj2 gohan or ssj2 vegeta?

well that's tough to answer in my opinion it would be vegeta because vegeta is the exact same lvl as goku and goku is stronger than gohan therefor vegetas stronger

Who is better out of gohan and vegeta?

i believe gohan is stronger

Is ssj2 vegeta stronger than ssj2 gohan?

vegeta is stronger because vegeta trained in the hyperbolic time chamber for a long time and got very strong, by then he turned ssj2 and became even stronger. gohan is strong as a ssj2 but vegeta is the stronger one. when vegeta went majin vegeta he turned ssj2 for the first time.

Who is stronger Vegeta or Gohan?

Vegeta is actually Stronger, Its true that Gohan hit Super Saiyan 2 before anyone but that doesn't mean he is stronger than vegeta. Vegeta hit Super Saiyan 2 after the Cell games but he achieved it before becoming Majin Vegeta, During which he said to Goku "At least your stronger than your son was against Cell." which means Goku was stronger than Gohan and that means Vegeta was just as powerful also it is stated in the Dragon Ball Z series that Vegeta was the most powerful, second only to Goku. As for Gohan hitting Super Saiyan 4, he cannot. But Vegeta can't transform into a Super Saiyan 4 at will. So his transformations are actually up to Super Saiyan 2. But as for Gohan, the Elder Kai releases his deepest hidden powers, which make Gohan even stronger than a Super Saiyan 3. So actually Gohan is the stronger one.

Who is stronger ssj2 vegeta or ssj2 gohan?

ssj2 gohon

Who is stronger gohan or vegeta?

Gohan will beat the anything out of vegeta. because gohan has his mystic power and that mystic power have no limit so gohan will win and it dont matter if gohan dont train no more because if he do he will kill every villain that there is in one punch

Is SSJ2 Gohan or Mystic Gohan stronger?

Mystic Gohan is stronger than SSJ2 Gohan.

Who is stronger gohan in super saiyan 4 or vegeta in super saiyan 4?

Gohan can't go Super Saiyan 4- only pure Super-Saiyans (Like Vegeta) can do that, and Gohan is half-human.

Is vegeta stronger than broly?

Vegeta is stronger than Broly

Is SSJ2 Gohan stronger than Mystic Gohan?

No, Mystic Gohan is far stronger than in his SSJ2 form.

Is gohan stronger than goten?

gohan is 2 times stronger

Does vegeta like gohan?

vegeta like gohan as a friend in dragonball gt

Who is stronger trunks or ultimate gohan?

Gohan is way stronger than Trunks.

Who is stronger between Goku and gohan?

i think goku is stronger than gohan

Is goten stronger than gohan as an teenager?

Gohan is = to 2 times stronger

Is baby stronger than vegeta?


Which character in Dragon Ball Z is stronger than Naruto?

Goku,Vegeta,Gohan,Goten,Trunks...even Chichi can own one of them.

Who is stronger gohan ssj2 or dabura?

Dabura is slightly stronger than ssj2 adult gohan. All we know that is teen ssj2 gohan is stronger than ssj2 gohan adult when he was a teenager power level =45 adult gohan ssj2 =40 dabura= 41.8 I think that dabura is slightly stronger than ssj2 gohan adult, but I also think that mystic gohan power level is slightly stronger than teen ssj2 gohan. I see his power level 48.5. Dabura is only stronger than gohan ssj2 ,1 and base in adult than I think that ssj2 teen gohan and mysic gohan are strongest forms of him and dabura is slightly stronger than ssj2 adult gohan.

Who is stronger ssj4 goku or ssj4 vegeta or ultimate gohan?

Gohan is strong in his mystic form,I'll admit that but he is no where near as strong as vegeta in his super sayian four form but out of all of them goku is the strongest of them all

Who is stronger broly or ultimate gohan?

Ultimate Gohan. Broly is only SSJ Tier. Gohan is even stronger than a SSJ3.

Who is stronger gohan or goten?

Gohan is way stronger than goten but if they were fighting as children goten will win

Can vegeta beat gohan?

Probably kid or teen Gohan.