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Gorilla glue is not safe, in the sense that it can bond your skin and be very painful to remove..

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Q: Is gorilla glue safe to use on skin?
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Is it safe to use gorilla glue to repair dentures?

No it is not safe, it expands and would feel weird.

What is the strongest crazy glue or gorilla glue?

GORILLA GLUE IS STRONGEST. more durable and easier to use

Can you use Gorilla glue to repair dentures?

Don't use Gorilla glue, you can make things worth. I had very good experience with www.denturerepairlab.comANS 2 NO , you should not use gorilla glue on dentures.

My fake nail package came with glue but it's barely anything in there, what do I use instead?

i mean depending how long you want to wear them you could use SUPER GLUE (NOT GORILLA GLUE!!!!!)

What glue is safe to use on your skin for like gluing those little jewels on your face?

Eyelash glue is made to be safe on skin! Make sure your skin is clean first or it'll fall off.

What is gorilla glue?

== == "Gorilla Glue" is the brand name of an amber colored glue designed for use with wood. Its curing is enchanced by humidity or moisture.

Can you use Gorilla Glue to glue down curled edges on vinyl flooring?

No, it wouldn't work as Gorilla Glue swells. It would be better to use vinyl tile glue or spray contact cement

How do you get gorilla glue off of plastic?

Use soap

What glue should I use for a soft plastic it is a flexible material?

A good glue you can use for soft plastic which is a flexible material is Gorilla Glue.

What type of material would one use Gorilla Glue on?

Gorilla Glue seems to form a great bond between many surfaces that regular glues cannot. Surfaces you may choose to use Gorilla Glue on include metal, stone, wood, foam, ceramics, and glass.

Is super glue safe?

Safe in what respect? To use? Yes. To ingest? No. Actually I understand that in some cases surgeons use it to fasten skin together instead of stitches.

What kind of glue do you use to fix a small ceramic sculpture?

Gorilla Glue usually works quite well.

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