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yes it is a plant

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yes because its belongs to the plant family

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Q: Is grass a living thing?
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is a grass a living thing?


Is grass living things or non living things?

Grass is a living thing

Is grass a living-thing?

All the plants are living things. So of course,grass would be living as it is a type of plant.

Is grass a non living thing?

grass is a liveing thing god made us we are living things and god made grass so it is

Is grass a living or nonliving thing?

Grass is living. It survives on water, sunlight, and occasionally, plant feed.

Is wheat a living thing?

It is a grass that grows, that classifies it as a living plant.

What does a grass turtle eat?

There is no animal or any living thing names grass turtle.

What is the oldest living thing at 4900 years old?

sea grass

What are three non living thing in soil?

sun grass trees

What kind of living thing get energy directly from the sun?

Grass, plants,etc

What does Amanita muscaria eat?

BUgs and Grass and any other thing living around it.

Which living thing does the hawk eat . The rabbit snake mouse or the grass?

Out of the four choices - the ONLY item the hawk wouldn't eat - is the grass !

Is bunchgrass living or nonliving?

It is grass! Grass is a living organism (until it dies).

Is soil living or non-living?

It is nonliving because it cannot grow for example grass is living but it grows each dayNo, but it is constantly changing, and it is home to a mixture of things, some of which are living is a non-living thing

What is a living thing that makes it's own food?

In a food chain, a living thing that creates its own food is a producer- this is pretty much always a plant, e.g. grass, oak tree, algae

Do grass spiders eat grass?

no grass spiders do not eat grass. They get their name from living IN the grass NOT eating the grass.

What do producers produce for consumers?

Well... producers produce food for themselves and other living thing...such as consumers. A producer is like grass and the rabbit eats the grass (rabbit=consumer).

Is a fish is living thing or non living thing?

It is a living thing.

What is a non living thing and a living thing?

a cell is a living thing and a non living thing is an object.

Is cow grass poisonous?

There is no such thing or grass species as "cow grass."

Is an apple on a tree a living or non living thing?

a living thing

Egg-living or non living thing?

non living thing An egg is a living thing.

Is twig a living thing?


Is grass a noun?

Since nouns refer to a person, place or thing, and since grass is a thing, then yes, the word grass is a noun.

Why do a living thing is called to be living?

A living thing is called a living thing becaus its alive and breathing. How can you call a living thing DEAD?