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Q: Is groundwater an underutilized source of freshwater?
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Is groundwater a bad source of freshwater?

yes pollution

Which freshwater source is most important to people?

rivers, lakes, water sources, groundwater.

What has more freshwater lakes rivers or groundwater?

groundwater has more freshwater than rivers and lakes

The most abundant source of freshwater on Earth is what?

The most abundant source would be in glacial form as frozen water, although the most abundant and accessible source is groundwater.

Do lakes and rivers have more freshwater than ground water?

No. After ice sheets and glaciers, groundwater has the second most freshwater source, more than lakes and rivers.

What has more freshwater lakes or groundwater?

Ground Water

Is groundwater or freshwater more important?

comer comida

Why has groundwater use increase?

Due to the increase of population there is a natural increase for freshwater. Freshwater resources are suffering from the increase of demand so the alternative use of groundwater has increased.

What kind of water makes up a lake Select the three correct answers A Melted water B Groundwater C Freshwater D Seawater?

Groundwater, freshwater, and melted water

Are ice rivers lakes and groundwater sources of salt water?

Ice, rivers, lakes, and groundwater are all sources of freshwater

More than two thirds of earth's fresh water is found in?

76% (more than two thirds) of Earth's freshwater is found in any ice on Earth. (ex. glaciers) 23% of freshwater is found in groundwater 12% of the groundwater is "shallow ground water" 11% of the groundwater is "deep ground water" 0.34% of Earth's freshwater is found in rivers, streams, and lakes 0.037% of freshwater is found in water vapor

A type of freshwater that saturates the crust right below the Earth's surface?