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Gymnastics is wayyyyyyy better and way harder it takes grace, strength, patience, determination, bravery and so so much more

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Why is cheerleading better than gymnastics?

Yes, gymnastics may be better than cheerleading for you, or vice versa, but that's your question to answer. If you are a cheerleading fan/cheerleader, then OBVIOUSLY you're gonna say cheerleading is better than gymnastics. But if you're a gymnastics fan/gymnast, then OBVIOUSLY you're gonna say gymnastics is better than cheerleading. It's up to you of what YOU think.

Why gymnastics is better than cheereading?

Gymnastics gives you so much better technique and tumbles are performed a lot safer. Cheerleading can give you bad habbits and can 'cheat' moves.

What are facts about gymnastics with everything?

Well gymnastics is a sport, but the funny thing is cheerleading is not and in cheerleading you do gymnastics.

Is there cheerleading in the olympics?

No, the closest there is to cheerleading is gymnastics!

What did Miley Cyrus do gymnastics or cheerleading?


Is cheerleading harder than gymnastics?

The only answers to this question will be opinions. There is no such thing as a scale of difficulty. I personally would say that cheerleading (Allstar/competitive, not sideline) and gymnastics are equally matched in terms of the general population. Obviously Olympic gymnastics is harder than cheerleading. Both focus heavily on floor tumbling. While gymnastics also incorporates bars, beam, and vault, cheerleading also incorporates stunts, tosses, and jumps.

How is gymnastics the same as cheerleading?

Gymnastics is the same as cheerleading by the tumbling (flips). Cheerleading has stunting and jumps and a full routine that includes many different elements. Then gymnastics, has bars and beam, etc.

What has more injuries gymnastics or cheerleading?

In all sports cheerleading reports the most fatal injuries. In womes sports, cheerleading is still in the lead, folowed by gymnastics

Is gymnastics more dangerous than cheerleading?

no cheerleading is way more hard and dangerous. flying and stunting pyrimids scorpians dur

Is cheerleading harder then gymnastics?

It depends on what kind of cheerleading. Is gymnastics harder than school/sideline cheerleading. Yes, no doubt. But gymnastics and All-Star cheerleading are really very similar. Both require many hours of practicing routines, tumbling, and conditioning. Cheerleading however incorporates complicated and dangerous stunts and tosses. I would say (having done both) that cheering and gymnastics are about the same. *This does not include elite/olympic bound/olympic gymnasts. I would say that they have an edge over cheerleading

What is a fun cheerleading camp?

I would say Woodward. It has both cheerleading and gymnastics.

What is the difference between cheerleading and gymnastics?

Cheerleading is performed with a team, gymnastics is a solo sport Cheerleaders stunt Gymnasts have a higher level of tumbling Gymnastics has four apparatuses Cheerleading is more like tumbling. Gymnastics does bars,beams,vaults,and flexibilty. Tumbling is doing backflips,cartwheels,or other stuff on the floor which cheerleading is exactly like.

Is gymnastics like cheerleading?

the tumbling and flexibility is.

Is cheerleading just like gymnastic?

No, cheerleading and gymnastics are very similar, but gymnastics has four elements (bar, beam, floor, and vault) and cheerleaders stunts

A randolph is a sport term for which sport?

cheerleading or gymnastics

Which is hared gymnastics or cheerleading?

You can't really compare the two. Gymnastics is an individual sport. All the techniques, skills, and flips you learn are all on you. Cheerleading requires more than one person for a stunt. Cheer choreography also aims for synchronization.

Is gymnastics harder than cheerleading?

Gymnastics and Cheerleading are much alike in ways but Gymnastics is way harder Gymnast do tumble and do flips on the ground but they also do it 6 feet in the air on a 4 inch beam! Gymnastics gets judged on skills and if you don't do them perfect, that's just to bad. Most sports have an hour or longer to do there sport or a certain amount of tries, but gymnastics gets only one.

Which is better cheerleading are modeling?

Which is better modeling are cheerleading

Where do you look for cheerleading tryuots?

Well it depends... if you want to do it for school than there are probably tryouts at your school :) If you want to compete than you should look for a Cheerleading or Gymnastics place near you. They probably have one there! Hope it helped :)

Which sport is more popular gymnastics or cheerleading?

gymnastics are an Olympic sport.cheer leading isn´t so gymnastics are more popular

Do you have to go to school to become a cheerleader?

No, there is all-star cheerleading outside of school cheerleading. You can join these teams by going to your local cheerleading or gymnastics gym.

Did cheerleading originate before gymnastics?

I don't think so.

Why is gymnastics better than lacrosse?

It's not.

Are gymnastics better than soccer?

yes gymnastics is a better sport then soccer because in soccer you can get hit in your shin. NOW THAT'S HURTS!! also you can get better balence in gymnastics. by Lilma09

Is cheerleading half dancing and gymnastics?

Ah, that is a very common misconception. Honestly, it really depends on the type of cheerleading (highschool or competetive) and the skill level. The competetive cheerleading teams tend to be a skillful mix of dancing and tumbling, but tend to be more related to gymnastics than dance because their routines have many difficult tumbling passes, jumps that are not included in dance, and individual tumbling skills. Highschool cheerleading tends to be more related to dance than gymnastics because most of the girls in the highschool level tend to be far less experienced. Generally speaking though, most mediocre cheerleading is a good half dance galf gymnastics. But the skill level can vairy widely from school to school. For example, the cheerleaders at my school don't even include any gymnastics in their routines because all of the girls are very inexperienced. But my cousin's highschool cheerleaders are at a competetion level. So all in all, you can't catagorize cheerleading as half dance half gymnastics, but then again you can.

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