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no Hair mascara is like hair color

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Q: Is hair mascara the same as regular mascara?
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Is hair mascara the same as make up mascara?

No, Make Up Mascara Is Usually Used to Darken Lashes; Whereas Hair Mascara Is Usually Used by People That Want to Hide Gray Hair or Used by People Who Want to Highlight Their Hair.

Where can you find a data bargraph for waterproof mascara and regular mascara?


Why does mascara cause hair growth?

No mascara can't make your hair grow seriously that's a stupid question

What is the difference between waterproof mascara and regular mascara?

Waterproof mascara is different from regular mascara. Waterproof mascara is made so that if your face gets wet, it won't run as easily. So if you want to go swimming, will be crying a lot, or be in the rain your best bet is to go with waterproof mascara.

What kind of mascara is best for a 13 year old with dark hair?

black mascara

What is non water proof mascara?

non water proof mascara is definitely just regular old mascara. it isn`t waterproof.

Why can't a woman put mascara on with her mouth closed?

Women can put on mascara with their mouths closed. I do on a regular basis.

Where can you get Carnival hair mascara?

you camn get it from a clown store

When you wear mascara and you cry does it go of?

It depends. When you wear waterproof mascara, most likely not. If you wear regular, chances are yes.

How do you wash permanent hair feathers?

If they're real, you wash them the same way you would your regular hair.

You have light red hair so what is the best eyeshadow shade for you?

A shimmery gold tone is best for you. It will complement the red in your hair and bring out your eyes. Finish your eyeshadow with brown eyeliner and mascara. Brown mascara/liner looks better on redheads than black mascara/liner does.

How do you use clear mascara?

Clear mascara can be used just like regular mascara. But it doesn't run black streaks down your cheeks and washes out easily. It's also good for shaping your eyebrows.