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no Hair mascara is like hair color

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Is hair mascara the same as make up mascara?

No, Make Up Mascara Is Usually Used to Darken Lashes; Whereas Hair Mascara Is Usually Used by People That Want to Hide Gray Hair or Used by People Who Want to Highlight Their Hair.

What is the difference between waterproof mascara and regular mascara?

Waterproof mascara is different from regular mascara. Waterproof mascara is made so that if your face gets wet, it won't run as easily. So if you want to go swimming, will be crying a lot, or be in the rain your best bet is to go with waterproof mascara.

Does mascara cause hair growth?

No mascara can't make your hair grow seriously that's a stupid question

What is non water proof mascara?

non water proof mascara is definitely just regular old mascara. it isn`t waterproof.

Why can't a woman put mascara on with her mouth closed?

Women can put on mascara with their mouths closed. I do on a regular basis.

Where can you get Carnival hair mascara?

you camn get it from a clown store

When you wear mascara and you cry does it go of?

It depends. When you wear waterproof mascara, most likely not. If you wear regular, chances are yes.

Is waterproof mascara worse than regular mascara?

it is not worse, just harder to get off, you will need a really good eyemakeup remover.

How do you wash permanent hair feathers?

If they're real, you wash them the same way you would your regular hair.

Where on your body might use mascara?

You are most likely to use mascara on your eyelashes, that is the intended use. There are a few mascara products made for hair, such as fun colors and root touch-ups.

How do you use clear mascara?

Clear mascara can be used just like regular mascara. But it doesn't run black streaks down your cheeks and washes out easily. It's also good for shaping your eyebrows.

You have light red hair so what is the best eyeshadow shade for you?

A shimmery gold tone is best for you. It will complement the red in your hair and bring out your eyes. Finish your eyeshadow with brown eyeliner and mascara. Brown mascara/liner looks better on redheads than black mascara/liner does.

Does justice hair mascara work?

i have asked a few of my friends the same thing but they didnt know either so i went and bought it for my self....the color is true but when you put it in your hair it does not show true to color and easily comes off in the shower the very same day

How do you make your eyes brighter without make-up only mascara?

Use mascara that is the same color as your eyes!

Acids and alkalis in hair and skin care?

alkilis are in foundation and mascara but it wont hert you

Is cover girl lash exact mascara waterproof?

It comes in both waterproof and regular formulas.

What is hair mascara?

It's used to touch up new growth or give your hair temporary highlights. It washes out and is in various colors.

Does Ulta cosmetics carry mascara?

Yes. But, not just regular mascara. Ulta also sells length mascara that is being called "legendary" in many reviews. They cost from $7 to $20 and if you buy 2, you get 2 free! Go to www.ulta.com for more information.

When you wear mascara on why do your eyelashes fall out?

Are ALL your eyelashes falling out, or just a couple at a time? If it's just a couple at a time, no big deal--eyelashes are hair and hair falls out. But they'll grow back. If it's all of them, there's one of two things: you're sensitive to that brand of mascara--unlikely, but possible--or you applied mascara then curled your lashes. This will make your lashes break off. Curl first THEN apply mascara.

What is clear mascara?

Mascara that is called clear mascara

What is mascara in English?

Mascara is still mascara in English.

Does waterproof mascara work better than regular mascara?

Not really, unless you sweat (like if you wear mascara to workouts), cry a lot or swim. If you wear non-waterproof mascara, it'll run down your face. This looks great on Trinity Broadcasting Network, where the women who can cry on cue sit there with mascara streaming down their cheeks as they talk about how much they love Jesus. Most of us aren't televangelists, to which we should all be thankful. Mascara staying where you put it is Good, so I recommend wearing waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner.

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