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Yes, the pain may indicate a problem especially if it is persistent and affects your daily life. Unless you have menstrual cramps which is natural for a woman and I reccommend Pamprin or Midol.

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Q: Is having bad cramps bad
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I am having heavy bleeding and bad cramps can you still be pregnant?

Iam having heavy bleeding and bad cramps can you still be pregnant?

Does having bad cramps to were it makes you cry a sign of a miscarriage?

Possibly but unlikely, It depends were your cramps are and howoften you have them. I advice you to see your doctor for this problem.

I'm having a little cramping after having a miscarriage should I go to a hospital?

Only if they are very bad. Cramps after/during a miscarriage are normal

What hurts more getting kicked in the balls or a girl having there period?

Depends how hard you were kicked and how bad your cramps were.

What are cramps like?

Cramps are terrible they hurt so bad

I have been having bad stomach cramps and can't eat is this a sign of my period starting?

Hey people are they signs ? i don't know Yes there is signs 1. You get Cramps frequently 2. You get moody

What stops girls from having cramps?

eat bannanas the potassium stops cramps

Severe bad tummy cramps and pooing a lot and sleeping a lot?

If you are having severe tummy cramps, using the restroom, and sleeping a lot you could be suffering from PMS or a stomach bug. A doctor can diagnose you in his office.

Is getting bad cramps and having diarrhea normal before getting your period?

The cramps are quite common before, during or after the period. Diarrhea is not common. It is possible to have diarrhea concomitantly with the period, but the diarrhea oftentimes is unrelated to the period.

What can you do when getting bad leg cramps-?

when getting bad leg cramps, one should do some stretching exercises, or seek medical attention.

Can lung problems cause bad body crAmps?

Can lung problems cause you to have severe muscle cramps

Is it bad if you do not have any cramps when you have your period?

No, it is not bad you are just one of the lucky few.