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yes she is and i dont care if she works in my school

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Q: Is head teacher of qpps look like miss trunchbal from Matilda?
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What is Matilda surname in Matilda?

Iam currently doing a report on heath ledger, and found that his daughter has two first names. Matilda Rose. Like Billy bob or Cindy lou.

What are the main events in Matilda by roald dahl?

Conflict: Matilda is a smart girl for her age and her teacher thinks so too, but the principle (Miss Trunchbull) doesn't care. Resolution: Matilda finds out she has a power and scares the principle away.

What do you consider as a good teacher?

I consider a good teacher to always look to see the happenings around him/her, and not to discus something everyone already knows. Once a substitute teacher spent thirty minutes of our precious hour explaining how to do the test. I THINK WE CAN READ! I also hate it when teachers just stand in front of the question board without noticing a thing. A good teacher must have a nice voice, like Matilda's teacher in the movie or book 'Matilda' by Roald Dahl. They mustn't have a bad temper and always know what they are doing, like while on the computer.

How does the movie Matilda relate to belonging?

Matilda was an outcast at home and struggled to find a place where she belonged. She did not fit in with her family and this made her feel like she didn't belong in this world. Her supernatural powers only further alienated her but fortnuatly she had a wonderful teacher who helped her find her place in the world.

Who wrote the words to waltzing Matilda?

Its Banjo Paterson.But if you need to remember, well because Banjo is like something to do with music so you know now its got something to do with a song like Waltzing Matilda.

What moivies are like Matilda?

i have answerd this before

Is there any thing like a Matilda script?


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Because Georgia smells like po

Which book does Roald Dahl like the most?

His favourite one he wrote was Matilda.

What is Matilda's voice like?

Matilda's voice is described as clear, sweet, and melodic. It carries a sense of calmness and wisdom, with a hint of ethereal quality that captures the attention of those around her.

How do address a headmaster?

Use their name - they're just like any othe teacher. Most head's don't like extra special attention. I'm a Deputy headmaster

Who wrote the book matlida?

All I can do is guess that you are referring to the classic Australian song "Waltzing Matilda", and if that is the case, "Matilda" is Australian slang for a sleeping bag. "Waltzing Matilda" means "life on the road" (like a hobo, or drifter).