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Is health care free in new zealand?


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For Aged Care, a subsidy is possible -


Theres are degrees of free, cheap or normal paying health care in New Zealand.

If you have a community services card you get cheaper doctor's visits and medication. Taxpayer's pay 1% of there income to pay the A.C.C. Levy so that everyone is covered if they receive an injury at work. If you sign up to a doctor and don't regularly visit other G.P's than you to end up getting a cheaper consultation fee every time you go to your registered doctor. Some doctors in New Zealand have a type of family planning agreement so when women are going to the doctor to get a prescription for the pill their consultation is free and a lot of the contraceptive pills are government subsidize so are very cheap. For operations you can go on a waiting list through the public hospital system. Health care in New Zealand is very affordable and efficient - it is best just to do your research as you will find these days without joining a doctors practice, not having a community services card etc. a consultation at the average medical centre can put you back $50 - not including medication.