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Heartburn is not a symptom of early pregnancy.

Our bodies change every 7 years so you could have eaten something such as peppers, cucumbers, onions or even garlic that may have caused heartburn. If you are a nervous type of person you could be suffering from acid reflux. If you 40 plus and your heartburn is continual it is best to have a good physical by your doctor to be sure you don't have heart problems. Indigestion/heartburn is common during pregnancy but is not a 'sign' of pregnancy and does not usually occur until the end of the second trimester (28 weeks or so).

if you are having your period on time and it lasts the normal amount of time then you are probably not pregnant Heartburn/indigestion occurs generally in the first trimester and the last trimester. Many women get it late in pregnancy as the uterus pushes the stomach from underneath and the hormones relax the smooth muscle. While many doctors recommend Tums because of the calcium, the extra calcium can actually cause Acid Reflux. So try to stay away from that as a solution. Try something all natural, like Brioschi or Gingera. Gingera is greatest because it's got ginger in it...which is known to help relieve the nausea and indigestion from morning sickness/indigestion.

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Though it is not a symptom, it is very common during pregnancy. It's possible; Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected period to 1-2 weeks after your first week of expected period. Your first signs of pregnancy most commonly include:

  • missed period
  • tender/swollen breasts
  • change in color of the breasts
  • fatigue
  • nausea/vomiting
  • increased sense of smell
  • weight gain
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I had horrible heartburn the first two weeks right after my missed period when I got pregnant. So it definitely IS a symptom of early pregnancy. I had never ever in my life had heartburn before that point.ย 
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Q: Is heartburn a sign of pregnancy?
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Is heartburn and constipation a pregnancy symptom?

Yes heartburn and constipation ARE a sign of pregnancy but there are many other symptoms as well

Is heartburn a sign of early pregnancy?

When you look on the internet most likely they are going to say No, but I say YES because with my first pregnancy I had heartburn from before I knew I was pregnant thru my entire pregnancy.

What are sings of pregnancy?

The most common sign of pregnancy is missing you period. There are others such as weight gain, heartburn, increased appetite, and cravings.

Is heartburn a pregnancy symptom after conception?

Heartburn is not called as a symptom of pregnancy. You do simple pregnancy test to diagnose the pregnancy.

If you are 3 weeks pregnant is heartburn a major symptom You have heartburn and it will not go away?

Heartburn is a common symptom of pregnancy but heartburn alone should not be an indication of pregnancy.

Your girlfriend has been having heartburn at least once a day if not more does that mean she is pregnant?

no, it means she has heartburn. please review symptoms of ulcers, acid reflux disease, etc. heartburn is generally NOT a sign of pregnancy the way nausea is.

Can oatmeal cause heartburn during pregnancy?

Honey, anything in the world causes heartburn during pregnancy.

Can you have heartburn during pregnancy?

YES! typically you have heartburn more during pregnancy. I didnt have heartburn not one time until i got pregnant. AND IT SUCKS!

Is a light brown discharge on one day and spotting on one day accompanied with headaches and heartburn a sign that you are pregnant?

yes NO You may be pregnant, but they are not definitive signs. Headaches and heartburn are rarely symptoms of early pregnancy.

Why does pregnancy cause heartburn?

The changes of your body may cause heartburn

You have never been one to get a feeling of heartburn you feel it in the back of your throat into the upper part of your chest could this be a sign of pregnancy?

It could be a sign of pregnancy. No one is immune from heartburn. It can happen at any time. If it persists for more than a week after taking antacids, then you should talk to your doctor about possible acid reflux. If you feel that it accompanies other symptoms and just "feel" pregnant, then you should take a pregnancy test or schedule a visit with a health care provider.

Are sensitive nipples sore breasts stomach burn and fatigue signs of pregnancy?

yes all of these are signa of being pregnant except for stomach burn ------ Actually... if your saying stomach burn to be something like excessive stomach acid then that could be another sign as it can be a sign of heartburn and (though i have no experience in pregnancy but I've read it up) it says heartburn can be one of the signs.

Is heartburn during pregnancy common?

Heartburn during pregnancy is a common ailment. It's harmless and treatable. Unfortunately, it will most likely comes and go until your baby is born. You can take Tums to relieve your heartburn.

Is bloating cramps bowel movements heartburn and nausea a sign of pregnancy a week before you period is due?

They may be, but they are far too general to be positive. Unless you take a pregnancy test at least 12 days after unprotected sex the first positive sign is a missed period.

Is it common to have a lot of heartburn and acid indigestion during pregnancy?

Yes. This from an article at "Many women experience heartburn for the first time during pregnancy

You are experiencing heartburn and white discharge. Are these early signs of pregnancy?

They can be, but it is more likely that the discharge is because you are ovulating (releasing an egg from the ovaries) and that the heartburn is unrelated, because heartburn is more common nearer the end of pregnancy rather than the beginning. If you miss your period you should take a pregnancy test

When do you get heartburn in pregnancy?

It depends on you i never got it.

Is heartburn and diarrhea symptoms of pregnancy?

Yes they are

Heartburn in early pregnancy?

Heartburn is normal during the time of pregnancy. It is not necessary that everyone will experience heartburn during pregnancy. It totally depends on the diet that you are following and how you are sleeping. In order to avoid heartburn during pregnancy you must make some changes in your food eating habits and use the pregnancy pillow kit that will help you to get better sleep without making any kind of discomfort for the pregnant ladies.You can also order one for you from Maternity Pillow Reviews.

Are cramps tightening of the stomach heartburn headaches and strong emotions symptoms of pregnancy?

They were symptoms of my pregnancy, but just because you're experiencing these symptoms does not mean that you are pregnant. They can also be symptoms of being overly stressed which can also affect your period. Well heartburn is definatley a symptom of pregnancy. As you do not get heartburn from stress! Actually all those symptoms are a symptom of pregnancy.

Could morning heartburn be a sign of pregnancy?

Generally morning heartburn is a side-effect of pregnancy (rather than a symptom of pregnancy). It usually occurs once it is fairly obvious the lady is pregnant; when the abdomen has distended quite a lot, indicating that there is a fair amount of pressure on the stomach (and some other internal organs). The extra pressure on the stomach can cause acid reflux, since it effectively limits how far the stomach will stretch (to accommodate food etc...). Since stomach capacity is reduced, acid has a tendency to flow up the oesophagus, causing heartburn.

Is heartburn a pregnancy symptom after 2 weeks?


is heart burn common during pregnancy?

Yes, many women do experiance heartburn for the first time during pregnancy. although it may not harm you at all, it could be very painful, and uncomfortable. if you do get heartburn during your pregnancy, i wouldn't worry too much.

What are the symptoms for the first month of pregnancy?

nausea heartburn and sleepynes

Is severe burn in the stomach a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, your stomach acid increases causing a burning sensation in your stomach or better known as heartburn just running through your stomach to your lower chest

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