Is helium a compound molecule

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Helium is a chemical element, not a compound; also helium is monoatomic.

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Q: Is helium a compound molecule
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Is the smallest unit of a chemical compound that retains the properties of the compound?


Is helium element or compound?

Helium itself is an element and it forms no chemical compound whatsoever, therefore, it is a noble gas. The atom of Helium is so inert that it cannot even form a molecule with another atom of Helium, hence is monoatomic.

Will one helium atom and one neon atom join to form a molecule?

The compound HeNe exist but it is difficult to obtain this molecule and is very unstable.

Does helium bend?

If your asking if a molecule or compound containing helium is a "bent" molecule like water, then the answer is no. Helium is one of the noble or inert gases, which fulfill the octet rule and do not need to bond in order to share or transfer electrons. Hence the noble gases and helium will not react, even with another atom of the same element. So in short, since helium won't bond with any other atom to become a molecule or compound, there is no way for it to be bent. Of course, I interpreted "bend" with the structure of a molecule... this may not be what you're looking for, in which case you will have to be more specific.

Is helium an compound?

No. Helium is not an compound, it is a element.

Why is helium a compound?

Helium is not a compound, it is an element.

Is a helium a compound?

Helium is not a compound, it is an element.

Is helium a compound mixyure?

Helium is an element and not a compound or mixture.

Is H2O a compound or molecule?

Water is both a compound and a molecule.

What is the smallest part of a compound with all the properties of that compound?

A molecule

Is helium an element molecule or mixture?

Helium is an element.

Is helium compound?

No it is not, helium is an element. A compound is a combination of two or more elements.