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Is heptane a isomer?

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Heptane could be an isomer of 2-methyl hexane and vice versa.

Heptane is a molecule(s) with chemical formula C7H16. There are many possible isomers of Heptane.

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What C7H16 isomer has the highest boiling point?

Heptane - longer the chain, higher the boiling point. Least amount of branches, higher the boiling point.

Is a heptane a gas?

No, heptane is a liquid.

What is the PH of heptane?

Heptane has not a pH.

How many possible isomers of heptane are there?

There are nine possible isomers of heptane. Heptane = C7H16

What is the weight of a gallon of heptane?

Heptane is 5.79 ppg

Is heptane ionic or covalent?

Heptane is a covalent compound.

Does NaCl soluble in heptane?

Sodium chloride is not soluble in heptane.

How many carbons does heptane have?

Heptane is a hydrocarbon. There are 7 Carbon atoms.

Which isomer packs more efficiently in the solid phase Cis isomer or Trans Isomer?

trans isomers

Is heptane polar?

No, like most other hydrocarbons heptane is nonpolar.

Is heptane a solid at room temperature?

No, heptane is a liquid at room temperature.

Is heptane the same as hexane?

Heptane and hexane are two different compounds.

Is heptane soluble in hexane?

Heptane is soluble in hexane due to their nonpolar properties.

Is heptane miscible with water?

No, heptane, like other hydrocarbons is insoluble in water.

Will heptane float or sink in water?

As heptane is lighter than water, it will float.

Why does heptane dissolve in water?

Heptane does not dissolve in water. It has extremely low solubility.

Would heptane be a solid at 100 K?

Heptane is a gas at 100 K.

A mixture of heptane and heptanol?

A mixture of heptane and heptanol can be separated through fractional distillation. This is possible because of the elevated boiling point of heptanol compared to heptane.

How many carbons in heptane?

The prefix 'hepta-' means seven, so there should be seven carbons in heptane. If this is n-heptane, there should also be 16 hydrogens.

Are glucose and galactose a structural isomer or a geometric isomer?

Structural isomers.

Is cacl2 an isomer?

No. CaCl2 is neither ans isomer, nor does it have isomers.

What is the isomer of ethanol?

Ethanol has no structural isomer because of its short chain

What are the properties of heptane?

What are the high and low heating values for heptane ((Btu/cu ft)

Will acetanilide dissolve in hot heptane?

Yes. Heptane is an ideal recrystallization solvent for acetanilide.

Is heptane soluble in water and why?

Because heptane has a non-polar molecule it is not miscible with water.