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That depends on the woman and what mood she's in. It's hard to describe the feeling to someone who has not experienced it. It is a feeling of pain but feels so good that the pain doesn't matter, or it feels of pain but the pain is enjoyed. Some women can not feel the contact wile others find it very painful. Likewise one day it can feel awesome but the same contact another day and mood can hurt.

I can be, but it can also be painfull.

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Q: Is hitting the cervix pleasurable
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Can a penis constantly hitting your cervix cause infertility?

No it can not.

Can you get pass the cervix during sex?

Actually you can and end up hitting what is called a " dead end" i have done this plenty of time with my ex wife and ended up with only being able to accomplish one position. This is usually pain full for women and can cause bleeding but hitting the cervix is also possible it has to do with length and also her length of elasticity.

When a tampon is inserted always have gas pains is it instered correctly?

It is likely that the tampon is hitting your cervix - this can happen if you are using conventional tampons and if you have a shorter vaginal canal. I recommend you consider switching to options like menstrual cups or softcups which won't hit your cervix like tampons are doing now.

Is collum the scientific name for cervix?

No. Cervix is the scientific name for cervix.

Do men have a cervix?

No, men do not have a cervix.

What is a prominent cervix?

what is a prominent cervix?

What is a good sentence with the word pleasurable?

I find it quite pleasurable to eat ice cream. :)

Do only males have a cervix?

Men do not have a cervix.

What is the ventral opening to the uterus?


Is bleeding dark red blood a week after period normal if you had deep sex a day before deep as in hitting cervix?

No I would make a point of seeing a doctor about that it sounds as though you may have damaged something,

When having intercourse it feels like my boyfriend's penis is hitting something and it hurts?

The tip of his penis is probably bumping the cervix- entrance to the womb. Try a different position where his penis does not penetrate as deeply. Perhaps with you on top.

What is the ring of muscle at the opening of the uterus called?