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Eggs and honey are not vegan but are vegetarian. Vegetarian- not mean. Vegan- not from an animal. Fish is not vegan.


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A vegan vegetarian, or vegan for short, does not eat any animal product. This includes meat, dairy, eggs, fish, honey, or any foods that contain those products in their recipes.

She is a vegan which means she doesn't eat anything that involving dairy,eggs,meat,fish,honey ect. ;)

It depends on the specific type of vegetarian. The most common are pescatarian (fish), lacto- or ovo-vegetarian, vegetarian, and vegan. Some allow fish, eggs, and / or dairy. Vegetarian limits all meat and eggs. Vegan does not allow animal products of any kind (including honey, dairy, silk, leather, etc.).

Those on Vegan diets are similar to vegetarians as they do not consume any animal products such as meat, chicken and fish. However, Vegans also will not eat eggs, honey or milk (from a cow or goat) or products given to use from animals.

well try hard not to eat meat. if you are a vegan then dont eat any animal. there is a diff between vegan and vegetarian. if you are vegan the dont eat any kind of animal like eggs, or fish. if you are a vegetarian its ok to eat eggs or fish. and there is a lot more difference in them just go searc and you will see

A vegetarian. A vegan won't eat fish, egg, milk or cheese. Some vegetarians will eat unfertilized eggs.Octo-Lacto Vegetarian eat no red meat, poultry, fish, or products that have ingredients which are animal-based such as Gelatin.They do eat Vegetarian cheese, yogurt, milk, eggs, honey etc.IF they just eat eggs they are called Octo Vegetarian

A vegan diet demands that all animal products be cut out. This includes the obvious (meat, fish), but also all dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, ect.), eggs, and honey. A "true" vegan also cannot wear any animal products, such as silk, wool, or leather. This leaves roughly only fruits and vegetables and grains that are able to be eaten by vegans (not all grains, though, as many products like breads and pastas are often made with milk and eggs).

There is the obvious , like beef, pork, chicken, goat, fish, and lamb. Other non-vegan products that come from animals are milk, eggs, and cheese. Similary, many chocolates and candies are not vegan as they contain milk and/ or gelatin in them. Honey is often not considered to be vegan, as it comes from bees. (Although not all vegans follow this.) Gelatin is made using animal products, so read the ingredients to make sure - Jell-O, most candies. Obvious animal products like fur, leather, wool and feathers are not vegan. Silk is not vegan as it comes from silk worms.

If you are: Vegan: You consume no meat, fish, dairy or eggs, in fact anything that is an animal or has come from an animal you avoid. Vegetarian: You consume no meat or fish, but can eat both eggs and dairy as they are not a creature they are a produce of the animal. Pescetarian: This is someone who will not eat meat, but will eat fish, eggs and dairy.

Her Wikipedia page says she eats fish, so no, she is not a vegan.

A vegan is more than a vegetarian. Vegetarians do not eat meat. Vegans do not eat any animal products. This includes meat, fish, milk, eggs, cheese , cream, etc. Some also will not eat honey. These are called dietary vegans. There are also those that live vegan lifestyles. They are dietary vegans, but they also will not wear leather, take medicine or wear make-up that was animal tested, or by products from companies that exploit animals.

They cannot be called a vegan. Vegans do not eat any form of meat or animal product, therefore a person who eats fish is not a vegan. A pescetarian is a person who eats fish (and dairy) but not other kinds of meat - however this is not considered vegetarian or vegan.

the dish is called kedgeree, i believe it originated in India in the days of the empire!

Honey is made by bees above ground while fish swim underwater. No, Fish do not eat honey.

It depends on how attached are you to foods that vegans do not eat, such as fish, beef, poultry, pork, dairy and eggs. Depends, the first thing is to eliminate all dairy and eggs from your diet; as well as meat, fish and poultry. Read up on vegan cookery and nutrition. It can be challenging, but when you truly believe you are doing what's right for you, the animals and the environment, it's not "difficult".

No, he is vegetarian. He never says that he's vegan. Vegetarian don't eat meat, fish or animal fat. Vegans don't eat anything from an animal like eggs, milk, or cheese. He eats cake, cookies, and other things that have animal by-products. He IS vegetarian just not vegan

well wild giant pandas eat bamboo,honey,eggs,fish,yams,shrub leaves,bananas and oranges (im not kidding about the honey)

Lacto avo vegetarian- What most people are. Eggs and milk are allowed in the diet, but no meat. Lacto vegetarian- No eggs. No meat. Everything else is fine. Avo vegetarian- Eats eggs, but no meat or milk. Pescatarian- Technically not vegetarian, but a lot of pescatarians call themselves vegetarian. They can eat fish, eggs, and milk, but the rest of meat is out. Vegan- No meat or animal products. Honey is border-line.

Yes Caviar is fish eggs. The eggs of the Sturgeon fish.

no they do not eat any thing that is animal or fish related

Natural orange juice is vegan. There are some commercial brands that contain fish oil which makes them non vegetarian/ vegan.

Like vegetarians, vegans do not eat meat (red meat, chicken, fish or shellfish). A vegan diet is stricter than a vegetarian diet because it excludes eggs and dairy products as well. Animal byproducts such as casein (a milk derivative) are not consumed by vegans, nor is gelatin (a common food additive derived from animal bones). For this reason, many processed foods are not vegan. Some varieties of refined sugar are not vegan because they are processed with animal bone-char. Many types of beer and wine are also not vegan, because they are processed with gelatin, isinglass (derived from fish), casein, and egg byproducts. Honey is not considered vegan, because the premise of veganism is to not partake in the exploitation of animals. This is debatable however, because some vegans are of the opinion that it downplays what they consider to be more important issues such as factory farming.

it mostly eats bamboo. but it also eats some meat. but rarely because they are very poor huntersAbout 99% of a panda's diet is bamboo. The remaining amount includes fruits, honey, eggs, and fish.

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