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No, Honor Roll is higher. Honor Roll is with all grades of 90 and higher. Merit Roll is with all grades of 80 and higher.

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Q: Is honor roll higher than merit roll?
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What is merit honor roll?

The merit roll is lower than the honor roll. Where as the honor roll is for having a GPA (grade point average) of 3.5 or higher, the merit roll is having a GPA of 3.0 thru 3.49.Honor Roll: 3.5+Merit Roll: 3-3.49( 3>=s>3.5 )

Which is higher in distinction - honor roll or principal's list?

Typically, being on the principal's list is considered a higher distinction than being on the honor roll. The principal's list usually requires higher academic achievement, such as a higher GPA or specific performance criteria, compared to the honor roll.

What is the difference between principal's honor roll and honor roll?

Principal's honor roll typically requires higher academic achievement than regular honor roll, such as a higher GPA or specific criteria set by the principal. Students on the principal's honor roll are often recognized for outstanding academic performance and may receive additional privileges or awards. Honor roll generally recognizes students who have achieved a certain level of academic success, but the requirements may vary between schools.

What is greater than the honor roll?

honor roll grades are anything from B- to A+ sooo u can have all B- 's and still get honor roll if u want high honor roll you can either have all A's or you can have more A's then B's it kinda ranges from school districts - hope it helped! :)

What does a merit mean?

higher than a pass lower than a distinction. about a C -> B- grade.

Is the Legion of Merit better than the Bronze Star?

Yes. It is a higher award.

Who is usually awarded the Legion of Honor?

Legion of Honor originated in the European country of France. It rewards civilians and soldiers based on a system of merit rather than a system of nobility.

Is the Purple Heart honor higher than the Medal of Honor?

No, the Medal of Honor is the highest award presented in the US Armed Forces.

Why does heavier marble roll slower than a lighter marble down a slope?

higher inertial mass

Is cum laude higher than suma cum laude?

Summa cum laude is the highest it means "With highest honor"Magna cum laude means "With great Honor"Cum Laude means "With honor"

How does the ACT score of 36 vs National merit Scholars?

An ACT score of 36 would generally be held in higher regard than the distinction of being a National Merit Scholar. The 36 represents a perfect score in every section of one of the two major American standardized tests, whereas the National Merit Scholarship Competition is based on the PSAT. There are significantly more National Merit Scholars than there are people with perfect ACT scores.

How many corpsman have received the Medal of Honor?

The first US Navy Hospital Corpsman to receive the Medal of Honor was Robert H. Stanley. He received it for his part in the Boxer Rebellion in 1900. Other than that i am having trouble finding more information on what he did to receive the highest military merit in our nation.