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Q: Is humboldt's own bushmaster safe
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What is the most popular bushmaster model?

You will have to contact Bushmaster to find out.

What Is the bushmaster AR 15?

A verison of the AR15 made by Bushmaster.

When was Bushmaster Firearms International created?

Bushmaster Firearms International was created in 1990.

Which snake would win if a bushmaster fought a fer de lance snake?

Bushmaster !

Heckler and Koch do they make the Gun Bushmaster'?

There are at least 2 different "Bushmasters". The automatic cannon known as the Bushmaster is made by ATK. The AR style rifle that is made under the Bushmaster brand is made by Bushmaster Firearms, which is part of the Freedom Group of companies which includes Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, Parker, Barnes Bullets, Para USA, and others. H&K does not manufacture a Bushmaster.

What types of rifle does Bushmaster stock?

Bushmaster carries a product line of semi-automation pistols and rifles similar to the M4 design. Bushmaster originated in 1973 and is based out of North Carolina.

When was the Bushmaster AR 15 first in service?

The Bushmaster AR15 was first in service in the USA 1958 and is still used in present day. It was designed by Eugene Stoner and manufactured by various companies including Bushmaster.

Is there such snake as a Bushmaster?

Bushmaster SnakePictures of Bushmaster Snakes The Bushmaster, lachesis muta muta is the largest Pit Viper in the world with a nasty reputation as a "cruel dude". The Bushmaster is a huge, thick-bodied and highly venomous snake with a triangularly shaped head, one of nature's warning signs that a snake is poisonous and potentially deadly. Bushmasters live in remote, heavily forested tropical jungle terrain. Isolated in their jungle environment, envenomation by a Bushmaster is very serious, sometimes fatal and particularly dangerous to humans.

What adaptations does the bushmaster have?

the adptations are his fangs

Who made the chain gun?


Are there Bushmasters in the Amazon rainforest?

The bushmaster is the most venomous snake in the Western Hemisphere--and yes, the South American bushmaster is found in the Amazon rainforest.

What animals name has the word master in it?