Is igniting a chemical change

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Yes, ignition implies burning, which means that you have a very rapid consumption of O2 molecules and the resultant flame. When you think of chemical changes, think of changes that are generally not reversible. like burning could never go back to the block of wood after it's ashes....that's because the wood has undergone a chemical change in which the actual make-up of the original "wood molecules" has been altered.

On the other hand, physical changes are reversible. These include things like freezing water. The water underwent a physical "appearance" makeover, but the properties that make water what it is have not changed. thus we can reverse the process and go back to liquid water.

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Q: Is igniting a chemical change
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Is igniting fireworks a chemical or physical change?


Is igniting a firecracker a chemical change?

Yes, igniting a firecracker is a chemical change. Burning or exploding the firecracker causes a chemical reaction that changes the composition of the materials inside the firecracker, releasing energy in the form of heat, light, and sound.

Is lightning igniting a grass fire a chemical change?


Difference between physical and chemical changes?

A chemical change results in the formation of a new substance. Example: igniting hydrogen in oxygen produces water. You can use these clues to determine a chemical change has occured: a colour change, a change in temperature, light and sound,bubbles beginning to form, solid/ semi solid precipitation form, and difficult to reverse it. A physical change is just a change of state or form eg melting ice or grinding salt. physical change can be the bending, cutting ,breaking, dissolving a substance in water (H2o)

Is burning a fire a physical or chemical change?

Burning is a chemical change.

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Is ignition of alcohol a physical change?

yes it is the water is changing to a gas see there is three most important things Solid, Liquid, Gas and youre changing liquid to a gas/vapour

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