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Imran Nuri is arabic.

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Q: Is imran nuri Indian or bengali?
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Is imran Khan engaged?

If you are asking about the Indian actor, Imran Khan, then he is engaged.

Who is the song amplifier by?

its by an Indian singer imran khan

What is Imran Khans religion?

= Imran khans religion = Imran khans religion is Islam

Is Roy a Indian name?

Yes it can be, generally south Indian or Bengali.

What is the email address of the Indian actor imran khan?

What is ghosh?

An Indian surname. Specifically Bengali.

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Is imran Khan singer a Indian?

Imran Khan is a dutch born Pakistani singer. He is from the Punjab in Pakistan from gujranwala.

Is amplifier song is Indian or Pakistani?

The song Amplifier, by Imran Khan is Pakistani.

What is bolywood imran khan's religin?

Imran Khan is an Indian Bollywood actor. He is a Muslim by religion. He is modern actor so does not believe in orthodox feelings.

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