Is iron biodegradable

Updated: 10/21/2022
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No. Iron rusts but it is not biodegradable.

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Jesus wouldn't want it to be, spear of destiny and all

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Q: Is iron biodegradable
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Is iron nail biodegradable?

No. Iron rusts but it is not biodegradable.

Is iron and ceramic biodegradable?

No, but you are...

Are iron nails non biodegradable wastes?

They are.

How are biodegradable plastics made and what are the problems with them?

- Some plastics made from starch are biodegradable- Another bio-oxodegradable plastics contain a catalyst ( as iron oxide) which improve the degradation in contact with oxygen.Generally biodegradable plastics are as foils not containers.

Is iron non biodegradable?

Of course not. Iron is found in nature as is, even. A huge amount of iron made into an item by man will still rust & become with earth, even though it may take longer to break down than vegetation, for instance. In small amounts, it is as biodegradable as food, & indeed is IN food.

What are some things that are non biodegradable?

Material that's nonliving (excluding dead organic matter) is non-biodegradable. Plastic, metal, styrofoam, and corrugated cardboard are non-biodegradable, while a dead tree, animal waste, and skin cells are biodegradable. A difference between biodegradable trash and non-biodegradable trash is that the biodegradable can be thrown out into a backyard and eventually turn into soil or something that other living things can reuse, while non-biodegradable trash can be recycled, as in reused for its original purposed, usually for humans.

Are FLOWERS biodegradable or non biodegradable?


Is abs biodegradable or non -biodegradable?

Abs is not biodegradable.

Is tissue biodegradable or non biodegradable?

tissue is biodegradable

Is paper biodegradable waste or non biodegradable waste?


Is a sausage biodegradable?

If it can be eaten then it is biodegradable. So a sausage is biodegradable.

Aerosol are biodegradable or non biodegradable?

yes Aerosol biodegradable