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Isopropyl alcohol is a liquid.

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Q: Is isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) is a solid or liquid?
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Is rubbing alcohol a gas liquid or a solid?

Rubbing alcohol is a liquid.

Is rubbing alcohol a solid liquid or gas?


Why does isopropyl alcohol react to milk?

Isopropyl alcohol reacts with the proteins in milk, causing them to denature and become solid. Another example of denatured proteins is cooked egg white.

Is alcohol a gas solid or liquid?

Alcohol is a liquid in room temperature.

Does rubbing alcohol have Ionic or covalent bonds?

Most Ionically bonded substances are solid, this makes me assume that Rubbing alcohol has covalent bonds.

Is alcohol a solid liquid of gas at room temperature?

It is a liquid.

What is alcohol gas solid or liquid?

Liquid at room temp.

Can you get drunk off of isopropyl alcohol?

No. The liver metabolizes isopropyl alcohol into highly toxic byproducts that can be fatal. The best thing that could happen would be for you to get very sick and throw it all up. Just because a chemical is called an alcohol does not mean it can be ingested, or even that it is a liquid. The word simply refers to a particular class of molecules. There are solid forms of alcohols, as well.

Is alcohol solution a gas liquid or solid?

An alcohol solution is obtained when alcohol is dissolved in water (or in any other organic liquid solvents). So the alcohol solution is liquid.

Can alcohol be methamphetamine?

No it can not, Alcohol is a liquid form, Methamphetamine is a solid form.

What are the solid and liquid chemicals in the laboratory techniques?

Liquid chemicals: nitric acid, acetone, ethanol, sulfuric acid, isopropyl alcohol, benzene, carbon tetrachloride, etc. Solid chemicals: sodium chloride, barium chloride, sodium carbonate, uranyle nitrate, lithiu iodide, etc.

How do you get rubbing alcohol out of a wooden floor?

well... if its pure rubbing alcohol, it should evaporate on its own.. maybe use a hairdryer? Stroke the wood with good solid pressure until it oozes out.

Does carbon turn to liquid?

Elemental Carbon is a solid. It can form Carbon Dioxide which is either a solid or a gas. It can form Alcohol which is a liquid

Is ethyl alcohol a solid liquid or gas at room temperature?

its a liquid. Most alcohols are (at room temp).

Function of alcohol lamp?

alcohol is use to heat liquid or solid objet. from:Jay-ar D. Pulad

A liquid that dissolves a solid?

A solvent is that which may dissolve a solid. Water, hydrochloric Acid, and alcohol are some (times) solvents.

Is alcohol a gas liquid or solid?

In most conditions it is a liquid. It can be vaporized into a gas and burned. It can also be frozen into a solid, but that requires very cold temperatures, -114 degrees Celsius.

What are the general classes of colloids?

General classes of colloids are: gas in liquid, gas in solid, liquid in gas, liquid in liquid, liquid in solid, solid in gas, solid in liquid, solid in solid.

What are three examples of liquid?

Three Examples Of Liquids Are Water, Alcohol, And Gasoline. Alcohol is a solid... ...... -.- ......

What is the solute-solvent combinations?

Some solute-solvent combinations are: example (solute state-solvent state) oxygen in nitrogen (gas-gas) carbon dioxide in water (gas-liquid) water vapor in air (liquid-gas) alcohol in water (liquid-liquid) mercury in silver and tin, dental amalgam (liquid-solid) sugar in water (solid-liquid) copper in nickel (MonelTM alloy) (solid-solid)

Is bacteria a solid liquid or gas?

Bacteria is a gas produced by boiling a mixture of alcohol and urine.

What are the nine types of solution according to physical state?

These nine types of solution are solid to solid solid to liquid solid to gas liquid to solid liquid to liquid liquid to gas gas to solid gas to liquid gas to gas

Is onion a solid or liquid?

Is it solid

Is vanilla solid or liquid?

Vanilla is found in a seed (of the vanilla orchid) called a vanilla bean. The flavor is extracted from the bean by soaking it in alcohol. The vanilla bean is solid, the flavoring- vanilla extract, is a liquid.

Is iodine brittle?

In solid form, yes (although it is more often encountered as a liquid, dissolved in alcohol).