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Is it OK to get pregnant while taking Lexapro 40mg?


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Talk with your doctor.


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I'm pretty sure the max dose is 20mg. If you wan to go above that you take Celexa; which is where Lexapro came from...that can go to 40mg as far as I know...I went from 10mg Lexapro to 40mg of wasn't so great for me. I couldn't hardly stay awake...the sleepiness is supposed to pass....

i have since ot became available in U.S. about 20 years.

20 mg is the usual dose. follow the dr. instructions regarding how much to take.

how long can i take simvastatin 40mg-i have be told that after two years the dose has to be reduce ,is this true or can i still take the dose i am taking-

Yes, I am taking 40mg Strattera and 800mg motrin.

yes. I am taking 40mg of paxil and 15mg of remeron now,

Yes. You can actually take up to 40mg a day. I was on 30mg/daily for about 5 months. It made me gain a ton of weight, but it helped tremendously.

Why would you take Oxycontin/Oxycodone for seizures? It isn't used for seizures!

how to dilute 40mg/ml of kenalog to 10mg/ml

No, but there is a 40mg tablet. They only come in 5, 10, and 40mg pills.

From the marijuana, no. And unless your doctor prescribed the Prozac to you, you should stay clear if it.

No you can not and I would also suggest you change your diet and exercise instead since these pills only work while you take them and then the weight come back on when you quit. They also have unhealthy side effects.

You can, but taking 40mg of norco and by norco I think you mean hydrocodone but norcos have acetaminophen in them, roughly 325mg per 10mg of hydrocodone. So while you can do that, you shouldn't acetaminophen is very harmful towards your kidneys. But just hydrocodone. and ritalin would be a fine combination, you should be able to treat your ADD/ADHD, with no problem. And the Norcos won't make you sleepy. But be safe acetaminophen is evil.

I mistook my sons Lexapro for my nightime med and took two (20mg) tablets. I have never taken an antidepressant and was scared to death. My husband (who happens to be a doctor) said I would probably feel sick but would be o.k. so I went to sleep finally. the next morning, I was so nauseated I couldn't get out of bed. I was nauseated and jittery for two days. But then it was over and I lived to tell.

40mg of vyvanse can be sold for $10 or more. street price can be unlimited. I had people paying $30.

you would obviously pass out, possibly drift into a coma, or death. 40mg of klonopin is way to much, you may have meant 4mg. the usually dossage of benzodiazepines is 1-2mg per dosage, except for valume. valume dossages usually range from 5-10mg per dossage.

Hi, now keep in mind that MilliGrams are a unit of weight so each of the pills are technically the same its just that 60Mg pill have 20Mg more of the formula in it. so take away 32.8% off of the 60MG and you'll now have a 40Mg pill. Hope this answers your question. -Shrimpo

My pharmacy, Express Scripts, called me yesterday and told me that as of 1/01/08 I could no longer get Methadone 40mg wafers. I have been on them for years for chronic pain and they are by far the best form of opiate to control pain. They did say that Methadose 40mg would still be available for opiate withdrawal. Now instead of taking two a day I'll have to take eight 10 mg pills aday. It doesn't make sense to me.

Vyvanse is available in doses of 20mg, 30mg, 40mg, 50mg, 60mg, and 70mg. In Canada, Vyvanse is only available in doses of 20mg, 40mg, and 60mg.

My doc has me on 40mg of Morphgesic per day, also Ibruprofen 12,00mg per day. Have been taking this for two weeks now, everything seems fine Richard.

i am on 40mg of prednisolone can i drink vodka

40mg is about 0.0000882 pound.

This is an overdose and can cause death.

Yes, you have to tell him or her as taking sustanon and how it makes you fill. your size & weight play a part in this too. you can ask your doctor about tablets called restandrol these are made in 40mg & 50mg & there are Gel patchers too..

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