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Is it a bad thing to not have a boyfriend in high school?


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Your friends and peers will think it's awful. Most mature adults with proper priorities will think it's prudent. Look, life in America isn't what it once was. Thirty, 40, 50 years ago, it was pretty common to marry your high-school sweetheart. At the very least, teenage romances lasted beyond graduation. Now, with most high-school seniors going to college and university -- most of them girls! -- and with a great many of them living away from home on campuses hundreds of miles away from home, it's very difficult to sustain a relationship formed in high school. Further, exposure in college to many different, interesting -- and attractive! -- people from many walks of life, different parts of the country, and disparate backgrounds makes it very difficult to maintain feelings and loyalty to your high-school boyfriend or girlfriend. If dating in high school were not already difficult and distracting enough, the whole going-off-to-college thing really confounds and complicates matters royally. Certainly not! A lot of guys aren't even mature enough to have girlfriends in high school anyways, they just do because they wanna experiment and see what having a girlfriend is like, even though it's most likely a really immature relationship. Let alone, depending on how mature you are, most of those guys are too far below your maturity level anyways. Most high school relationships don't last all that long so don't feel bad if you want to wait around for a guy who is going to be more mature and more "like" the way you are. have guys as friends, who knows you may just end up with an awesome friend and you both start to fall for each other. Good luck. and don't ever worry about what other people think of you. you are who you are. Viola. The above posters are correct. I was in high school during the 50s and had no boyfriends because I didn't want one and had more fun with my male and female friends. I also was extremely independent. Sometimes I'd get ribbed a lot by my girlfriends telling me what I was missing (not much as far as I was concerned at that time) and I was also called "frigid" by a couple of boys, but hey, I wore the medal proudly and so glad I waited. I knew I wanted freedom and independence and to find out what I made out of and that doesn't make anyone abnormal. Marriage and having babies was not one of my high topics at that time. I dated when I felt I wanted too and later I had no problems with dating young men. Oh, by the way, out of all my girlfriends that dated in high school 5 got pregnant and had to get married and the others got married and all are divorced and most remarried later in life. I have 18 year old boy/girl twins and neither of them has a boyfriend/girlfriend. What they do have is loads of friends of both sexes who they hang with, watching videos, playing sports and video games and generally having a good time.