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How desperate are you to sell? It all depends on what is being asked, how much it will cost and whether you think the next buyer will make those same demands.

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Q: Is it a good idea to do sellers concession?
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Pricier sellers might be a good idea.

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You can buy concession trailers for a good price at:

How can I find concession trailers in my area?

Ebay is actually a good source for finding concession trailers in your area.

Can you get sellers concession on short sale?

Yes, but the amount of the concession depends on the type of short sale. An FHA Short Sale (under the HUD Pre-foreclosure Sale Program) can include up to a 1% seller concession only if the Buyer is utilizing FHA financing in the purchase. A HAFA Short Sale will allow a seller concession, but the amount depends on the proposed net proceeds to the mortgage servicer.

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how much do you really save by purchasing a used cell phone?

It is worth buying a used cell phones from reliable sellers, especially when on a budget. It's a good idea to do some research into any sellers that your interested in.

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A lot of airports hire people in the concession industry. They want to be able to provide a variety of food from different companies so they rely on contractors in the concession industry to sell the food.

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Concession letter

Do sellers of motorcycles have to also sell helmets?

No but it's a good idea for extra revenue. You should provide a loaner though to offer a test drive and one for yourself if you go too even thought the responsibility is up to the rider, for liability reasons it's a good idea.

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the person in the concession stand selling the products.

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For the average 12 ft x 7ft trailer it should cost you about $4000 - $5000 dollars. After researching on the internet, that is the average price of a concession trailer.

Application on concession fee for your kids?

application for fee concession for kids

Is the seller concession tax deductible?

is seller concession a tax deduction for me the seller

What sort of mechanism is used to rank the quality of buyers or sellers?

A reputation system is a popular way to rank buyers and sellers. If you buy an item from a seller and receive the item in good condition and in a timely matter, giving good feedback will increase a sellers reputation.

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You can purchase used concession trailer over the internet at Another good website is A great place to look for a used concession trailer is If you can't find one locally, search other areas and ask if they will deliver. There are also many used concession trailers on Ebay, some with delivery options.

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indian postal concession for despatch of magazines

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New union contract made a concession on the insurance copay.

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A concession is when someone is granted access to a portion of land for a specific purpose. Like how a concession stand is OK to sell hot dogs in a stadium for example.

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The word "concession" in English means "pagsang-ayon", "pagpayag", "pagtanggap" in Tagalog.

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The opposite of a good idea would be a bad idea. Depending on how bad you could also say terrible idea.

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The best website for used concession trailers is probably eBay. There are almost always many concession trailers for sale there at great prices.