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That depends on the school. There is no universal or nationwide dress code, and in military schools camo is quite a common sight.

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Q: Is it against school rules to wear camo?
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My spirit day's theme in school is camo and glamo I want to do glamo because I don't have any camo What should I wear?

Wear something that rhymes more. People wont like you unless you thyme more than 18 times in a sentence. camo glamo camo glamo blamo!

What does they army wear when they go in to war?

They mostly wear camo related to the material of where they are going to,example, they are going to a snowy area and uses white camo

What kind of clothes do military people wear?

they wear military camo cloths

Is it against the law to have a university gown but not a degree?

The law does not regulate clothing. It might be contrary to the rules of some school for a person to wear particular clothing under certain conditions on that school's grounds. Still, there is no law against possessing that clothing.

What does children have to wear to school if their Islamic?

They should wear school uniform, whatever religion they follow. They must follow the rules of the school they attend.

Why is it against the law for girls and women to wear crop tops in work and at school?

It's not law but the individual places have their own rules on appropriate clothing for that business.

Can you wear camo pants and a purple shirt?

Camo pants are generally came in dark color, now a days you can also get this pants in different funky colors and designs. You can wear any color of shirt with camo pants. Purple shirt with camo pant will definitely give a cool look or dashing look to your personality.

Why do hunters wear camo?

so the animals cant see them

Should a 8th grader wear jeans and work boots to school?

It really depends on what the school rules are and what is practical. If there is no rule against it, and you are comfortable, then it should be a non-issue. Within reason, you should be able to wear about whatever you want to based on those guidelines.

How do school uniforms show respect?

you wear your uniform correctly and wear it clean. obey the school rules(uniform) then it would be algudz

What phiten's do Dustin pedroia wear?

Dustin has 2, a brown camo and green camo. He seldom wears both, sometimes wears none, but he usually when he wears one, its brown camo.

Do Asian girls HAVE to wear short skirts when going to school?

No. Girls in japan roll up their skirts on purpose to make them shorter. It actually against school rules.