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Of course it's appropriate for you to have friends (of any sex, for that matter). Are you supposed to stop having a social life once you get married just because your spouse doesn't like it?

There is no problem with having friends-and the gender shouldn't matter, because you're married and if your spouse can't even trust you enough, then he is the one with problems.

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Q: Is it appropriate to have opposite sex friends when you are married and your spouse has trust issues?
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Is it appropriate to have same sex friends when you're married and your spouse has trust issues?

Marriage is based on trust. If there are trust issues, you need to deal with that immediately. As far as friendships go, your friendships should not have to be limited based on your spouse's emotional problems.

Is it appropriate to have opposite sex friends when you are in a long distance relationship and your significant other has trust issues?

There is nothing wrong with having opposite sex friends as long as you are honest enough that is what it truly is. Long distance relationships are a big issue because the two are suppose to remain loyal; cannot physically see each other so jealousy can rear it's ugly head at any given time. Let your partner know that they can do the same thing by having girl friends.

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Is it appropriate to have opposite sex friends when you are married?

YES!! you cant just drop all of your guy or girl friends depending on what sex you are. They can still remain your friends just dont go to far with them or flirt but friends yes. yes, you can be friends with the opposite sex while being married. it all boils down to respect from both ends of the friendship and also including the spouse in the friendship as well. ive been best friends with my male friend for over five years, and i just recently married, not even six months ago. I told my husband about my friend before we married and he didnt seem to have a problem with it at all, until i began reaching out to my buddy of five years. now he claims that there is no need to have friends off the opposite sex and that all it can do is create problems. it is completely unfair and selfish for one to expect another to give up and enduring friendship with a person because of the sex and its unrealistic to think that in any case, marrried or single that females should only be friends with females and vice versa with males. i have made an effort to try and warm him up to the idea of possibly introducing them, and i dont think he is comfortable with the idea. this issue could be insecurities, or it could just be the male ego and his need to dominate against the other....either way, these issues he may have doesnt make his views right.

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