Is it bad luck if you have a bird in the house?


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More so for the bird than for you. Help the little critter out, and don't worry about it. How could this possibly signal 'bad luck'?


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YES, the bird had very bad luck.

Dude it is bad luck to find a dead bird

there is no such thing as good/bad luck. so if you run over a bird no bad luck, no good luck. i think i got that cleared up

No, bad/good luck does not exist

No, it's actually bad luck.

only if the bird had red feathers. the death of a red feathered bird calls for bad luck

Well the old native peoples of America say that it is bad luck, but by the rest of the normal people it is said that seeing a bird indoors flying is not bad luck, like walking under a ladder, which in superstition language, (IS) bad luck.By Alban Bahja

I don't Sea what you mean by bad luck.

Its significance is that you will have lots of luck when times are bad, but when times are good you will have bad luck.

Is it bad luck for a bird to fly into a window and die

I would say that's bad luck.

I don't know about bad luck for you, but I wouldn't think it would be too great for the bird.

I am Hungarian, two that I have heard are that keeping a cactus in the house will bring bad luck. Another is that owls, even owl sculptures, are also bad luck. This is not correct. Cactus' plants are not bad luck in general. Only certain types of cactus are bad for luck. Only if an owl flies into your house is it bad luck. Having a statue of an owl in the home is not good luck and not bad luck.

Yes they are but you will only have bad luck for 2 weeks

Only if you have them in your house.

Crows, ravens and black hawks

A dead bird is said to be an omen. This is believed by many to be a sign of bad luck.

sea bird if you chase it or it attacks you p.s. most of the time they attack because you messed with a pregnant bird

Yes most people consider a dead bird in the house as the sign of a bad omen. Birds are considered by some to be the harbingers of death.

Too have a poppy in your house is NOT bad luck. It show's the respect you are giving to the soldiers what sadly died in the war for our country.

neither, there's A WASP IN YOUR HOUSE?!?!

No it is not, since luck, both good and bad, doesn't actually exist. It is something we humans made up.

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