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A lot of good and bad comes from your family's beliefs, and you have to decide if those are your beliefs. Some families would feel this was awful, where others would think it was pretty cool. You are at an age, you need to abide by how your parents feel while you are living in their home. If you feel safe doing it, your parents might be able to help you understand some of your feelings. They may even be supportive.

As far as any conflicting feelings you may be having, it is a good idea to talk to an adult you trust. Keep in mind, this is a really controversial topic for many adults, and at first they may be in shock and not respond well right away. However, if you are really having issues, someone needs to know.

Not that many people grow up to be what they wanted to be at ten. Right now, it is important to focus on your education. If you are well educated, many more doors are open to you, so you have a better chance at whatever you decide. If you are twenty five, and this is still what you want to do, at least you can get a job with decent pay to get you started. Clothes and makeup are not cheap!

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Q: Is it bad that I am ten and I want to be drag king when I grow up?
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