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I would think after. Law school is pretty stressful and (if done right) takes up an enormous amount of time. Additionally, if you are moving to a new location for school your new spouse will be leaving their job, home, friends, etc. to follow you to a place where your primary focus will not be them. That can sometimes be difficult and then you will do the same thing after three years when you are applying for jobs.

You could avoid this by going to a local school and getting a job locally, but if your top choice in schools or law firms is not in the same city, just be aware that your new spouse will have to be pretty understanding. Otherwise you run the risk that they will resent you for those moves and then resent you even more when you are working too much at your new job. I would wait until you are a year or two out of school before getting married.

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Q: Is it better to get married before or after law school?
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