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Q: Is it cheaper to stay in a dorm or an apartment while in college?
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College Moving ?

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What is the difference between a commuter college and a resident college?

At a commuter college you live at home or in an apartment and commute to school everyday. At a resident college you live on campus in a dorm or apartment.

Is it a good idea to get a futon for a college dorm?

Sometimes buying one near campus is cheaper than paying the shipping cost.

A room in college is called?

A room in college is typically called a dorm room, where dorm is typically short for "dormitory".

Do you have to pay to get college dorms?

Yea surtain colleges have diffrent prices i dont know which one but 1 of then is like 10,000$ just to SHARE 1 dorm, with 10,000$ u get an apartment, FOR URSELF.

How big is a standard college dorm?


How do you be a good rommate in a college dorm?

Strip for them

What is the cost for a dorm room in college?

It would really depend on the college.

Why do college students usually have cheap dorm furniture?

College students usually have cheap dorm furniture because the cost of living for a college student is high and they usually do not have a lot of money to spend.

What do you the sleeping rooms in a college or public institution?

The rooms or apartments for a college is a "dorm."

How do you make a house into a college dorm?

Install a kegerator